DPR Recruitment 2018/2019 Application Registration Form – www.recruitment.dpr.gov.ng

DPR recruitment 2018-2019 Application Registration form guidelines is right on this page.

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I will show you how www.recruitment.dpr.gov.ng job registration is done and the possible ways to ensure your application was submitted successfully.

If you are ready to see everything you haven’t been told about department of petroleum resources recruitment 2018-2019, then this post is for you.

Just keep reading so you will find every detailed information about DPR 2018 recruitment.

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DPR Recruitment 2018 Requirements:

  • Candidates should possess a minimum of 5 years’ experience from the Oil and Gas industry or any other relevant experience and also be computer literate.
  • Also candidates should not be more than 40 years old by 31st December, 2016.
  • Possession of NYSC discharged/ exemption certificate is a must.

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How To Apply for DPR Nigeria Recruitment:

  1. Candidates are required to have the following available for registration:
    i) Scanned copy of a passport photograph.
    ii) Scanned copy of certificates (N.Y.S.C. Discharge /Exemption certificate, Higher Institution Certificate, S.S.C.E. Certificate).
    iii) Scanned copy of any other necessary supporting documents.

    1. Candidates are required to fill their DPR recruitment 2018 application online via http://recruitment.dpr.gov.ng. Only applications in respect of the advertised positions would be considered. All applicants are expected to apply for ONLY ONE position.
    2. Multiple applications by any candidate for more than one job would be DISQUALIFIED.
    3. Upon submission, applicants would receive an acknowledgment containing a reference number which should be quoted in all future correspondences.

    How to Apply for DPR recruitment 2018 at department of petroleum resources recruitment Portal?

    If you want to fill and submit DPR 2018 recruitment form, then you must read the guide below:

    Visit here: http://recruitment.dpr.gov.ng

    If you still have questions to ask us about DPR recruitment 2018, kindly ask by commenting on the box below

NYSC announces passing out date for 2016 Batch B stream 2 corps members

The Management of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has said its 2016 Batch B, Stream 2 Corps members will be passing out Thursday, December 21, 2017.

The corps said on its official Twitter account page on Wednesday that certificates of National Service will be distributed to deserving corps members at zonal office levels across the country.

The Batch B Stream two Corp members were in orientation camps between January 21 to February 14, 2017.



The Management of the National Youth Service Corps has fixed Thursday, 21st December, 2017 for the Winding up/Passing out activities of the 2016 Batch ‘B’ Stream II Corps Members Nationwide.

The Winding up/Passing-out activities will be low-keyed with the distribution of Certificate of National Service to deserving Corps Members at the Zonal Office Level.

Management wishes to commend and thank all Corps Members for their Selfless Service, Dedication, Resilience, Patriotism to the nation and patience while awaiting the official passing out date.

However, we also wish to admonish Corps Members on their comments and posts in the social media on issues relating to the scheme and advice that, being abusive and deployment of wrong use of words does not reflect responsible attitude and behaviour.

It is worthwhile to reflect our collective attribute of role models for the youths being responsible graduates who had been found worthy in character and learning in the various citadels of excellence.

Management wishes to thank you for your various contributions in fostering national unity and development and wish you all journey mercies as you return to your respective destinations.

Congratulations on completion of the National Service and God bless.


UK VISA Application in Nigeria 2018 and How to Apply Online

UK VISA Application in Nigeria 2018 and How to Apply Online.

UK VISA Application in Nigeria… Nigerian citizens can get a visa to go to the United Kingdom. The British Government announced the news for the Nigerian people. In April, the British High Commissioner, Mr. Paul Arkwright said that there would be a special service. Nigerians will be able to get the UK visa. In addition, they can actually get it on the same day they apply.

UK VISA Application in Nigeria 2018

Now we can see that the process to get UK visa Nigeria has became much easier. It is terrible to imagine what a difficult process it usually was – documents, endless queues and sometimes failures. It would seem that Nigerian people don’t ask for much. All we want is to visit another country without any difficulties. But when leaving the country, there are a large number of obstacles to face.

Fortunately, now we have one less problem. Now, if your UK visa application is made today, you can get your visa on this same day. On the other hand, if there are any special circumstances, you will have to wait only five days if it is not possible to get UK visa on the same. Five days is not so bad, right?

By the way, any types of visa application issues will definitely be resolved within 15 days. The embassy has reduced the maximum term.

And we have one more good news. If, for some reason, you cannot get a visa on the day of application and in five days you will have to pay less money! UK visa fees in Nigeria will be cheaper for you due to the delay!

Now let’s discuss the issue of UK visa fees in more detail. Pay attention to this very important information. The Nigerian banking sector introduced some credit card restrictions. When you make a credit card payment in excess of US$300 you may need to get authorization from your bank. Your payment can be declined. Unfortunately, these are the rules.

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A note for those who apply for the UK visa in Lagos Victoria Island and Ikeja Nigeria. You will get enjoy some digital improvements during the application process.

Of course, the UK visa has its price. In fact, Nigerians will have to pay a non-refundable fee whether or not the visa is granted. This is a general rule for everyone. But the amount depends on the type of visa – and how long you want to stay in the UK.

Today fees for UK visa, Nigeria are:

  • – Term for six months – USD $118;
  • – Term for two years – USD $449;
  • – Term for five years – USD $816;
  • – Term for ten years – USD $1023.

If you want to go to England on business, or as an academic visitor, the price will be USD $231. It is only for one year. If you are a diplomatic ambassador, you must pay USD $118. If it is a medical-related application or PLAB/OSCE test, the fee will be USD $118.

For a prospective businessman, the cost is USD $118. And permitted paid engagements will also cost USD $118.

As you can see, all visa fees depend on the duration of your stay in England.

If you are a student and want to be in the UK for six months, visa fee will be USD $121. If you plan to study the English Language, you must pay USD $231 for visa.

Prices for businessman, students, and other people are significantly different. For instance, for married citizens and civil partnership, visa fee is USD $118.

Parents who want to visit their children in the UK must pay more. The cost of visa will be USD $551 for twelve months. Parents are considered to be special visitors.

It is very interesting that visa fees for children are the same as visitors’ prices. And now wonderful news for those Nigerian citizens who do not want to pay for the visa to the UK! This opportunity is available for Diplomatic Passport Holder.

In addition, if the UK Government officially invites a person to their country, he/she also does not pay for a visa! .

And the last visa fee is for people who travel to another country and have to make a stop at the UK. He/she will have to pay USD $80.

The visa fees are indicated in US dollars. To find out how much the price in Naira, you will have to get in touch with your bank. It is necessary to check dollar rate at that particular time.

Getting a visa for going to the UK has a number of pluses. But for every plus there is a minus. Of course, you must pay attention to that fact that visa fees can change. You must keep up with these changes. The amazing thing now is that you don’t need to wait too long to get your visa! You can get it on the same day you apply. Otherwise, if you must wait for five days, the cost will be cheaper!

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Australia Visa Lottery Application Form 2018 and How to Apply from Nigeria

Australia is a country and continent surrounded by the Indian and Pacific oceans. Its major cities – Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide – are coastal. Its capital, Canberra, is inland. The country is known for its Sydney Opera House, the Great Barrier Reef, a vast interior desert wilderness called the Outback, and unique animal species like kangaroos and duck-billed platypuses.

Research has it that Australia has been one of the most beautiful and most visited countries in the world. The country is adorned with natural beauty, scenic attractions and a lot of friendly people. Its capital city is Canberra

A visa is required to enter into the country for Studying, Business, Tourism etc. and certain processes are involved before you can be issued a visa.

NOTEThe most important thing is that, you need a valid Nigerian Immigration passport (validity of at least 30 days after the intended stay) before you can apply for a visa to Australia.

Requirement for Social Visa Application.

All applicants for Social Visa must be made their application in person and attached alongside following documents:

  • Two (2) white/blue background UK-sized passport photographs;
  • Original and coloured copy of International Passport data page;
  • Original and coloured copy of approved Yellow Fever Certificate;
  • Original signed invitation letter from Malaysia and/or original signed introduction letter from the applicant;
  • Confirmed return air ticket with booking reference number;
  • Proof of accommodation for the duration of stay (e.g. hotel reservation);
  • Original and copy of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency
  • (NDLEA) Certificate (for all first time traveller to countries outside West Africa);
  • Original and copy of Stamped latest bank statement (last 3 months); with Bank reference letter.
  • For Dependant:

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Coloured copy of dependent International Passport data page and visa page;
b. Original and copy of certificate of birth/ marriage.

Application for Student Visa.

All application for Student Visa must be made in person and attached with
the following documents:

  • Two (2) white/blue background UK-sized passport photographs;
  • Original and coloured copy of International Passport data page;
  • Original and coloured copy of approved Yellow Fever Certificate;
  • Original and copy of Admission Letter from institute of higher learning in Malaysia;
  • Original and copy of Immigration Approval Letter;
  • Original and clear copy of the highest obtained educational qualification certificate.
  • Eligibility Letter from the Ministry of Education of Nigeria.
  • Signed confirmation letter from the Sponsor.
  • Copy of International Passport Data Page of the Sponsor.
  • Original and copy of Stamped latest bank statement (last 3 months); with Bank reference letter of the sponsor.
  • Bank reference letter for the sponsor
  • For dependant:
    Coloured copy of dependant International Passport data page and valid visa page;
    b. Original and copy of certificate of birth/ marriage.
  • All students going for CERTIFICATE OR DIPLOMA programmes are mandatory to have NDLEA CERTIFICATE.

Australia Business Visa Application 2017.

All application for Business Visa must be made in person and attached with the following documents:

  • Two (2) white/blue background UK-sized passport photographs;
  • Original and coloured copy of International Passport data page;
  • Original and coloured copy of approved Yellow Fever Certificate;
  • Original signed invitation letter from organization in Malaysia;
  • Original signed introduction letter from the company;
  • Confirmed return air ticket with booking reference number;
  • Proof of accommodation for the duration of stay (e.g. hotel reservation);
  • Original and copy of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency
  • (NDLEA) Certificate (for all first time traveller to countries outside West Africa);
  • Original and copy of Stamped latest company bank statement (last 3 months); with Bank reference letter.
  • Original and copy of valid Income Tax Clearance;
  • Original and copy of the Company Certificate of Incorporation;
  • Copy of the certificate of registration/incorporation of the inviting organization in Malaysia;
  • All footballers are mandated to present NDLEA clearance certificate.
  • For dependant:
    Coloured copy of dependant International Passport data page and valid visa page;
    b. Original and copy of certificate of birth/ marriage.

How to Apply for a Australian Visa.

The mode of application is online, Interested and qualified candidates should:
Click here to apply

If you need us to help you with more updated information at the right time about Australian Visa Application 2018, kindly provide us your phone number and email Address in the comment box below. Also feel free to ask any question pertaining to this guide.

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Canadian Visa Lottery Application Form 2018/2019 | How to Apply for Canadian Visa Lottery – www.canadavisa.com

Many Nigerians have been looking for opportunity to live in their dream country? Luckily, that vision has turn a reality today has Canadian Visa Lottery Application Form 2018 / 2019 is currently ongoing. Ensure to apply for Canadian Visa Lottery Application Form 2018 to immigrate to Canada where life will be pleasant and beautiful.

The awesome truth is that, Canadian Visa Lottery Application 2018 has a lot of chances for applicant in case you don’t believe in yourself or applicant don’t see Him/Herself making it. It doesn’t matter whether you are a student, Business man/woman, Worker, farmer etc. you are highly needed in this 2018 Canada Visa Lottery.

List of Available Canadian Visa Lottery Form

Before we proceed to showing you how to fill the Canadian Visa lottery application form online, we will have to let you know about all the available free Canadian Visa Lottery forms both for students and working class.

  • Students Canadian visa lottery form
  • Skilled workers Canadian Visa Lottery Form
  • Tourist Canadian Visa Lottery Form
  • Visitor Canadian Visa Lottery Form
  • Business Canadian Visa Lottery Form
  • Farm worker Canadian Visa Lottery Form
  • Pilgrimage Canadian Visa Lottery Form
  • Diplomat Canadian Visa Lottery Form
  • Transit Canadian Visa Lottery Form

Canadian Visa Lottery Application Form is for all and sundry meaning that your marital status (Single, Married, Divorced, Widowed, Separated, etc.) is not a barrier and the good thing is you are offered equal opportunity

Canada Visa Lottery Application is massively going on so if you need an update from us, kindly use the comment box to provide your Name, Email and Phone number.

How to Apply for Canada Visa Lottery 2018/2019

To Register Canada Visa Lottery 2018/2019 application form only, you will have to follow the simple steps bellow.

  • Go to Canada Visa Lottery portal at www.canadavisa.com
  • Choose Your Evaluation Form
  • Your Contact Information
  • Provide your Personal Profile
  • Your Personal Net Worth, make sure you don’t over or under estimate.
  • Your Language Skills
  • Your Work History if any
  • Canadian Job Offer
  • Family and Friends in Canada
  • Then click Submit Form

Warning – Don’t Pay money or any form of gratification to any person or group asking you to pay money to be included in the Canada Visa Lottery Winners. Remember they are scammers and it illegal to consent to that.

Canada Visa Lottery Application is massively going on so if you need an update from us, kindly use the comment box to provide your Name, Email and Phone number.

If you need us to help you with more information at the right time about Canadian Visa Lottery Application Form 2018, kindly provide us your phone number and email Address in the comment box below. Also feel free to ask any question any time

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Jamb 2018 Use Of English Syllabus And Topics You Must Read

If you have ever wondered about how to get the Jamb use of English syllabus and hot topics to read for Jamb, you are in the right place and at the right time.

This post is to meet the demand of numerous Jamb candidates who bombard the internet daily with questions on Jamb Use of English like:

  • How do I get Jamb Use of English Syllabus?
  • What Topics Should I read to pass Jamb Use of English questions?
  • What are the top Use of English topics Jamb always set/ask?
  • How does Jamb Use of English questions look like?
  • How will Jamb questions look like in the next Jamb?

Jamb Use of English Syllabus

This topic covers all update on Jamb use of English syllabus. It will guide you on how and where Jamb sets their questions from. It is divided into sections, topics and what to know in each topic.

Top Jamb Topics And Questions To Read

In this article, the very important/top Jamb use of English questions and topics to read are shown. Take note of them and as well practice them for your Joint Admission and matriculation Board Examination.

Jamb Use of English Syllabus and Questions in Details

1. Comprehension/Summary

(a) description (b) narration (c) exposition (d) argumentation/persuasion

What Does Synthesis of Ideas Mean?

Note: Every year, Jamb introduces passages to be read. I ignored the novels because of relevance of this post. The following are what you should know and do in the given Jamb passages.
(a) Comprehension of the whole or part of each passage. (b) Comprehension of words, phrases, clauses, sentences, figures of speech and idioms as used in the passages.
(c) Coherence and logical reasoning (deductions, inferences, etc)
(d) Synthesis of ideas from the passages.

By synthesis of ideas is meant the art of combining distinct or separate pieces of information to form a complex whole, that is, the ability to make generalizations from specific ideas mentioned in the passages. Such generalizations involve identifying the mood or tone of the writer, his attitude to the subject matter, his point of view, etc. In this regard, synthesis is a higher-level skill than summary.

2. Lexis, Structural and Oral Forms

2.1 Lexis and Structure

(a) synonyms (b) antonyms (c) homonyms (d) clause and sentence patterns (e) word classes and their functions (f) mood, tense, aspect, number, agreement/concord, degree (positive, comparative and superlative) and question tags (g) punctuation and spelling (h) ordinary usage (words in their denotative or dictionary sense), figurative usage (expressions used in ways other than literal) and idiomatic usage (expressions whose meanings cannot be determined through a mere combination of individual words) are to be tested.

Where Jamb get their Idioms from?

They are idioms you are familiar with. Jamb repeats past questions. You may want to read why you should use jamb past questions or how to score 350+ in Jamb with past questions. Idioms to be tested will be those expressed in standard British English (i.e those with universal acceptability)

2.2 Oral Forms

(a) Vowels (monophthongs and diphthongs (b) Consonants (including clusters) (c) Rhymes (homophones) (d) Stress (word, sentence and emphatic) (e) Intonation

Read Also Jamb Syllabus And Topics For All Subjects

Jamb Syllabus and Hot Topics For All Subjects

If you have ever wondered about how to get the Jamb syllabus and hot topics to read for Jamb, you are in the right place and at the right time.

This post is to meet the demand of numerous Jamb candidates who bombard the internet daily with questions on Jamb:

Jamb Syllabus In Text Format

  • How do I get Jamb Syllabus?
  • What Topics Should I read to pass Jamb?
  • What are the topics Jamb always set/ask?
  • How does Jamb questions look like?
  • How will Jamb questions look like in the next Jamb?
  • How do I pass/score very high or blast in Jamb?

To enable you quickly take a look at how Jamb syllabus look like, I have posted Jamb mathematics and Use of English syllabus and hot topics in text/html format. They are also in the PDF format as you will find below.

These topics cover all updates on Jamb syllabus/topics. It will guide you on how and where Jamb sets their questions from. It is a compilation of Jamb syllabus for all subjects. Click on any subject and you will get the syllabus right away.

To make things easier for you, I have uploaded Jamb syllabus for all subjects in PDF format. All you need to do is to click on your choice of subject. I will download Automatically.

Jamb Syllabus in PDF Format.

1. Jamb Approved Syllabus for all subjects

2. Jamb syllabus for Jamb use of English pdf

3. Jamb syllabus for Mathematics pdf

4. Jamb Agriculture syllabus pdf

5. Jamb Arabic syllabus

6. Jamb Art syllabus

7. Jamb Biology Syllabus

8. Jamb Chemistry syllabus

9. Jamb Commerce Syllabus

10. Jamb CRS Syllabus

11. Jamb Economics Syllabus

12. Jamb French Syllabus

13. Jamb syllabus for Government

14. Jamb Music Syllabus

15. Jamb Hausa Syllabus

16. Jamb History Syllabus

17. Jamb Home Economics Syllabus

18. Jamb syllabus for Physics

19. Jamb syllabus for Principles of Accounting

20. Jamb Yoruba syllabus pdf

21. Jamb syllabus for Geography

Jamb Complete Guide And Updates

I have worked on so many articles that will make you completely dominate and blast your Jamb once and for all all. You may want to Join flash learners for day to day Jamb updates, secrets and tricks. For Jamb complete guide and fresh updates, visit our school news section

Jamb Rhema

Do not let anybody put fear in you that Jamb is very difficult to pass. It is very easy to pass Jamb. I was once a jamb candidate like you. I wrote and passed it very well. You can do the same and be a University student like me. You have all the takes to acquire your long admired desire. This is all you need; do not retire!

2018/2019 Jamb Subjects Combinations For All Courses – Course Subjects

This is to inform all candidates who wants to register for JAMB that JAMB Combinations which contains Courses in the University, Polytechnic or Colleges of Education and the Subjects required to study them has been released.

Candidates are to be extremely careful when choosing the Subject Combinations for the course they intend to study as they may be no JAMB Change Of Subject Combinations After Registration.

Do you want to write 2018/2019 Jamb but you are still confused to know the subjects Combination or course Combination that you will write or choose during Jamb registration in other to match the course that you have in mind to study or apply?

Or have you been asking the question: What JAMB Subject combinations will i choose during Jamb registration for this course?

Do you have some JAMB SUBJECTS in Mind but you don’t know if it Correctly matches the one you need to study as stated in the Subject Combination?

Do you also want to study a particular course in the University but you are so curious to know what subjects you need to start preparing on in other to pass well in jamb?

If you have asked any of the questions listed above, don’t worry the answers have finally arrived.

Below is a list of JAMB Subjects combination for Sciences, Social Sciences and Arts that You will choose in Jamb 2018 registration.

To Know the list of topics you want to study in a particular, see JAMB Syllabus For All Jamb Subject Here.

Did you made a Mistake while selecting the subjects you are required to use for a Particular course? See JAMB Change (Correction) Of Subject Combinations For 2017


1. Agriculture:

English, Chemistry, Biology/Agriculture and any one of Physics and Mathematics.

2. Agricultural Economics:

English Language, Chemistry, Biology/ Agricultural Science and Mathematics.

3. Agricultural Engineering:

Use of English, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

4. Agricultural Extension:

English, Chemistry, Biology/Agricultural Science plus Mathematics or Physics.

5. Agronomy:

English, Chemistry, Biology or Agriculture and Physics or Mathematics.

6. Anatomy:

English, Mathematics, Biology and Chemistry or Physics.

7. Animal Production and Science:

Use of English, Chemistry, Biology/Agric Science and Physics/Mathematics.

8. Architectur:

English, Physics, Mathematics, and any of Chemistry, Geography, Art, Biology and Economics.


Use of English, Biology, Physics and Chemistry

10. Biological Sciences:

Use of English, Biology, Chemistry and Physics or Mathematics.

11. Botany:

Use of English, Biology, Chemistry and any other Science subject.

12. Building:

Use of English, Physics, Mathematics, and any of Chemistry, Geography, Art, Biology and Economics.

13. Chemistry:

Use of English, Chemistry and two of Physics, Biology and Mathematics.

14. Civil Engineering:

Use of English, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

15. Chemical Engineering:

Use of English, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

16. Computer Engineering:

Use of English, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

17. Computer Science:

Use of English, Mathematics, Physics and one of Biology, Chemistry, Agricultural Science, Economics and Geography.

18. Crop Production and Science:

English, Chemistry, Biology/Agriculture and Mathematics or Physics.

19. Dentistry:

Use of English, Chemistry, Biology and one Science subject.

20. Electrical Engineering:

Use of English, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

21. Electronic Engineering:

Use of English, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

22. Estate Management:

Use of English, Mathematics, Economics and one other subject.

23. Fisheries:

Use of English, Chemistry, Biology/Agricultural Science and any other Science subject.

24. Food Science and Technology:

Use of English, Chemistry, Mathematics / Physics and Agricultural Science.

25. Forestry:

Use of English, Chemistry, Biology or Agriculture and Physics or Mathematics.

27. Geology:

Use of English and any three Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Biology and Geography.

28. Industrial Chemistry:

Use of English, Chemistry, Mathematics and any of Physics/Biology/Agricultural Science.

29. Mathematics:

Use of English, Mathematics and any two of Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Biology and Agricultural Science.

30. Marine Engineering:

Use of English, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

31. Mechanical Engineering:

Use of English, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

32. Medical Laboratory Science:

English Language, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

33. Medical Rehabilitation:

Use of English, Physics, Chemistry and Biology

34. Medicine and Surgery:

Use of English, Biology, Physics and Chemistry.

35. Metallurgical and Materials Engineering:

Use of English, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

36. Microbiology:

Use of English, Biology, Chemistry and either Physics or Mathematics.

37. Nursing:

Use of English, Physics, Biology and Chemistry.

38. Petroleum and Gas Engineering:

Use of English, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

39. Pharmacy:

Use of English, Biology, Physics and Chemistry.

40. Physiology:

Use of English, Biology, Physics and Chemistry.

41. Physiotherapy:

Use of English, Biology, Physics and Chemistry.

42. Physics:

Use of English, Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry or Biology.

43. Production and Industrial Engineering:

Use of English, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

44. Pure and Applied Mathematics:

Use of English, Mathematics, Physics and Biology or Agricultural Science or Chemistry or Geography.

45. Quantity Surveying:

Use of English, Physics, Mathematics, and any of Chemistry, Geography, Art, Biology and Economics.

46. Radiography:

Use of English, Biology, Physics and Chemistry

47. Statistics:

Use of English, Mathematics and any two of Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Biology and Agricultural Science.

48. Soil Science:

English, Chemistry, Biology or Agricultural Science plus Mathematics or Physics.

49. Structural Engineering:

Use of English, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

50. Surveying and Geoinformatics:

Use of English, Physics, Mathematics, and any of Chemistry, Geography, Art, Biology and Economics.

51. Systems Engineering:

Use of English, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

52. Urban and Regional Planning:

English, Mathematics, Geography and one of Economics, Physics, Chemistry.

53. Veterinary Medicine:

Use of English, Biology, Physics and Chemistry.

54. Zoology:

Use of English, Biology and any two of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.


This subject combination section is for Social science courses which are outlined below:

1. Accounting:

Use of English, Mathematics, Economics and any other Social Science subject which may be:

  • Use of English, Mathematics, Economics and Geography.
  • Use of English, Mathematics, Economics and Accounting.
  • Use of English, Mathematics, Economics and Commerce.
  • Use of English, Mathematics, Economics and Marketing.

2. Banking and Finance:

Use of English, Mathematics, one Social Science subject and any other subject which may be:

  • Use of English, Mathematics, Economics and Accounting.
  • Use of English, Mathematics, Accounting and Government.
  • Use of English, Mathematics, Commerce and Economics.
  • Use of English, Mathematics, Economics and Marketing.
  • Etc

3. Business Administration:

Use of English, Mathematics, Economics and any other Social Science subject which may be:

  • Use of English, Mathematics, Economics and Geography.
  • Use of English, Mathematics, Economics and Accounting.
  • Use of English, Mathematics, Economics and Commerce.
  • Use of English, Mathematics, Economics and Marketing.

4. Business Management:

Use of English, Mathematics, Economics and one other subject which may be:

  • Use of English, Mathematics, Economics and Biology.
  • Use of English, Mathematics, Economics and Government.
  • Use of English, Mathematics, Economics and Commerce.
  • Use of English, Mathematics, Economics and Marketing.
  • Use of English, Mathematics, Economics and History
  • Use of English, Mathematics, Economics and Accounting
  • Etc

5. Cooperative and Rural Development:

Use of English, Mathematics, Economics plus one other subject which may be:

  • Use of English, Mathematics, Economics and Biology.
  • Use of English, Mathematics, Economics and Government.
  • Use of English, Mathematics, Economics and Commerce.
  • Use of English, Mathematics, Economics and Marketing.
  • Use of English, Mathematics, Economics and History
  • Use of English, Mathematics, Economics and Chemistry
  • Etc

6. Demography and Social Statistics:

Use of English, Mathematics, Economics/Geography and any other subject which may be:

  • Use of English, Mathematics, Economics and Biology.
  • Use of English, Mathematics, Geography and Government.
  • Use of English, Mathematics, Economics and Commerce.
  • Use of English, Mathematics, Geography and Marketing.
  • Use of English, Mathematics, Economics and History
  • Use of English, Mathematics, Geography and Accounting
  • Etc

7. Economics:

Use of English, Mathematics, Economics and any of Government, History, Geography, Literature in English, French and CRK/IRK Which May Be:

  • Use of English, Mathematics, Economics and Government.
  • Use of English, Mathematics, Economics and History.
  • Use of English, Mathematics, Economics and Geography.
  • Use of English, Mathematics, Economics and Literature in English.
  • Use of English, Mathematics, Economics and French
  • Use of English, Mathematics, Economics and CRK
  • Etc

8. Geography:

Use of English, Geography and two other Arts or Social Science subjects which may be:

  • Use of English, Geography, Economics and Accounting
  • Use of English, Geography, Economics and Commerce
  • Use of English, Geography, Literature in English and Government
  • Use of English, Geography, CRK And Government.
  • Etc

9. Human Resources Management:

  • Use of English, Economics, Government and any other relevant subjects which may be:
  • Use of English, Economics, Government and Commerce
  • Use of English, Economics, Government and Biology
  • Use of English, Economics, Government and History
  • Etc

10. Industrial Relations:

Use of English, Mathematics, Economics plus one other relevant subject. which may be:

  • Use of English, Mathematics, Economics and Government
  • Use of English, Mathematics, Economics and CRK
  • Etc

11. Insurance:

English, Mathematics, Economics and one other subject which may be:

  • English, Mathematics, Economics and Commerce
  • English, Mathematics, Economics and Accounting
  • English, Mathematics, Economics and Government
  • English, Mathematics, Economics and Computer
  • Etc

12. International Relations:

Use of English, Economics, Literature in English and Geography/Government/History which may be:

  • Use of English, Economics, Literature in English Geography
  • Use of English, Economics, Literature in English and History
  • Use of English, Economics, Literature in English And Government.

13. Library Science:

Use of English and Any three Arts or Social Science subjects which may be:

  • Use of English, Government, Literature in English and CRK
  • Use of English, Geography, Commerce and Accounting
  • Use of English, Geography, Commerce and Economics
  • Use of English, Economics, Commerce and Computer
  • Etc.

14. Marketing:

Use of English, Mathematics, Economics plus one other relevant Subject.

15. Mass Communication:

Those who wants to study Mass Communication are to use the following:

Use of English, Literature in English, Economics and Government or CRK/IRK which may be:

  • Use of English, Literature in English, Economics and Government
  • Use of English, Literature in English, Economics and CRK
  • Use of English, Literature in English, Economics And IRK.

16. Philosophy:

Use of English, Government and any other two subjects which may be:

  • Use of English, Government, Economics and Geography
  • Use of English, Government, CRK and Literature in English
  • Use of English, Government, CRK and Biology
  • Etc

17. Political Science Subject Combination:

The following subject combinations can be used to study political science in any Nigerian University.

Use of English, Government or History plus two other Social Science/Arts subjects which may be.

  • Use of English, Government, Economics and Geography
  • Use of English, History, Economics and Geography
  • Use of English, Government, CRK and Literature In English
  • Use of English, History, CRK and Literature In English
  • Etc

18. Psychology:

Use of English, and any three subjects from Arts or Social Science which may be:

  • Use of English, Civic, Economics and Geography
  • Use of English, Government, CRK and Literature in English
  • Use of English, Government, CRK and History
  • Use of English, Commerce, Economics and Geography
  • Etc

19. Public Administration:

Use of English, Government, Economics and any other subject which may b:

  • Use of English, Economics, Government and Commerce
  • Use of English, Economics, Government and Biology
  • Use of English, Economics, Government and Civic
  • Use of English, Economics, Government and CRK
  • Use of English, Economics, Government and Literature in English
  • Etc

20. Religious Studies:

Use of English Language, CRK/IRS and any two other subjects Which may be:

  • Use of English Language, CRK, Literature in English and Civic
  • Use of English Language, CRK, Geography and Civic
  • Use of English Language, CRK, Economics and CRK
  • Etc

21. Social Work:

Use of English Language, Mathematics, Economics/Geography and any other subject which may be:

  • Use of English, Mathematics, Economics and Government
  • Use of English, Mathematics, Economics and CRK
  • Use of English, Mathematics, Economics and Civic
  • Use of English, Mathematics, Economics and Literature in English
  • Use of English, Mathematics, Geography and Government
  • Use of English, Mathematics, Geography and CRK
  • Use of English, Mathematics, Geography and Civic
  • Use of English, Mathematics, Geography and Literature in English
  • Etc

22. Sociology and Anthropology Combination:

Use of English, Three Social Science or Arts Subjects which may be:

  • Use of English, Civic, Economics and Geography
  • Use of English, Government, CRK and Literature in English
  • Use of English, Government, CRK and History
  • Use of English, Commerce, Economics and Geography
  • Etc

23. Tourism:

English, Mathematics, Economics and any other subject which may be:

  • Use of English, Mathematics, Economics and Geography
  • Use of English, Mathematics, Economics and CRK
  • Use of English, Mathematics, Economics and Civic
  • Use of English, Mathematics, Economics and Literature in English
  • Use of English, Mathematics, Economics and Commerce
  • Use of English, Mathematics, Economics and Government
  • Etc


This is Jamb subject combination for Art courses listed below:

1. Arabic and Islamic Studies:

Use of English, Arabic and two subjects from Arts or Social Sciences.

2. Christian Religious Studies:

Use of English, two Arts subjects including Christian Religious Knowledge and any other subject.

3. English and Literary Studies:

Use of English, Literature in English, Government or History or any other Arts subjects.

4. Fine and Applied Arts:

Use of English Language, Fine Art and two other Arts subjects or Social Science subject.

5. Foreign Languages and Literature:

Use of English Language, Fine Art and two other Arts subjects or Social Science subject.

6. French:

English, French and any other two subjects from Arts and Social Sciences.

7. Hausa:

English, Hausa, Lit in English and any of Economics, Government, History and Arabic.

8. History and International Studies:

Use of English, History/Government and any other two subjects from Arts & Social Science.

9. Law:

English, Literature, Economics/CRK/IRS and any other Art Subject.

10. Linguistics:

English, Two relevant Arts subjects and any other subject.

11. Theatre Arts:

Use of English, Literature in English and two other relevant subjects.

12. Igbo:

English, Igbo and two subjects from Arts and social Sciences.

13. Mass Communication:

Use of English, Literature in English, Economics and Government or CRK/IRK.

14. Music:

Use of English, Music, one other Arts subject plus any other subject.

15. Yoruba:

Use of English, Yoruba and two other subjects in Arts or Social Sciences.

Candidates are required to review and make the right choice of JAMB Subjects they want to use for when sitting for the Examination.


Now that you have seen the JAMB Subject Combination for the course you want to study, you may want to also the topics for the each of the courses that featured in the subjects.

This is where JAMB Syllabus comes in as it helps you to get the hot and relevant topics that will come out in the Examination for the Subjects you are writing in JAMB. See JAMB Syllabus For All Courses Here

Nigerian Navy releases list of successful applicants, set to commence interviews

The Nigerian Navy says it will begin from Friday the interview of successful candidates who sat for its Direct Short Service Commission (DSSC) Course 25 aptitude test on December 2.

Suleman Dahun, the Acting Director of Information, Naval Headquarters,  disclosed this in a statement on Tuesday in Abuja.

Mr. Dahun, a captain, said  the interview will hold from December 15 to 23  at the Nigerian Navy Secondary School, Ojo, Lagos State.

The acting director urged  applicants  to check www.joinnigeriannavy.com for the list of successful candidates.

“Candidates are to note that the interview process includes screening of credentials, medical, physical fitness tests, written and oral examinations.

“They are therefore, mandated to appear with the original and photocopies of their credentials along with writing materials and other essential personal items for the week-long interview,” he said.



(a) (b) (c) (d)
1 DSSC25/2017/ABI/429/0011965 Asiegbu Uchenna Samuel Medical
2 DSSC25/2017/ABI/1015/0029670 Chukwuemeka Iheanyichukwu Eugene Medical
3 DSSC25/2017/ABI/517/0014489 Clement Sunday Chukwuma Accounts and Budget
4 DSSC25/2017/ABI/2406/0066860 Echem Ezechukwu Onyeabor Medical
5 DSSC25/2017/ABI/2486/0068712 Ekwe Pearl Nwachi Medical
6 DSSC25/2017/ABI/176/0005070 Eluwa Sandra Chika Human Resource Management
7 DSSC25/2017/ABI/560/0015336 Enyinnaya Chukwuka Engineering
8 DSSC25/2017/ABI/575/0015720 Eze Christian Seaman
9 DSSC25/2017/ABI/904/0026171 Eze Kenneth Ozichi Engineering
10 DSSC25/2017/ABI/1373/0038307 Kalu Chisom Information
11 DSSC25/2017/ABI/104/0003199 Kanu Franklin Chima Engineering
12 DSSC25/2017/ABI/838/0024059 Madukwe Washington Nwabueze Accounts and Budget
13 DSSC25/2017/ABI/2405/0066857 Nnaukwu Charles Logistics
14 DSSC25/2017/ABI/2396/0066483 Nwogu Ugochi Igwe Legal Services
15 DSSC25/2017/ABI/1133/0032601 Ohozie Charles Chinweike Human Resource Management
16 DSSC25/2017/ABI/99/0002988 Okarah Christian Ifeanyi Human Resource Management
17 DSSC25/2017/ABI/63/0002098 Onyebuenyi Chinonso Great Information
18 DSSC25/2017/ABI/2459/0068023 Onyekachi Mary Uloma Medical
19 DSSC25/2017/ABI/3247/0088161 Orji Obinna Ikechukwu Logistics
20 DSSC25/2017/ABI/347/0010197 Orji Ogbonna Iroha Logistics
21 DSSC25/2017/ABI/174/0005020 Oti Henry Chinonso Accounts and Budget
22 DSSC25/2017/ABI/669/0019082 Udonsi George Chimaobi Medical
23 DSSC25/2017/ABI/1888/0052035 Ukaegbu Daniel Chinedu Logistics
1 DSSC25/2017/ADA/634/0042161 Abdulkarim Mohammad Nuru ICT
2 DSSC25/2017/ADA/273/0015535 Abdulrahman Idris Babayola Accounts and Budget
3 DSSC25/2017/ADA/1064/0075013 Alex Valada Education
4 DSSC25/2017/ADA/358/0021551 Bashir Salim Medical
5 DSSC25/2017/ADA/962/0067294 Bashir Bashir Ibrahim ICT
6 DSSC25/2017/ADA/289/0016695 Bello Mubashir Ibrahim ICT
7 DSSC25/2017/ADA/959/0067107 Biyapo Great Chamatam ICT
8 DSSC25/2017/ADA/184/0009879 David Emmanuel Human Resource Management
9 DSSC25/2017/ADA/952/0066923 Demshemino Kulligillang Sunday ICT
10 DSSC25/2017/ADA/222/0012045 Emmanuel Usiju Medugu Engineering
11 DSSC25/2017/ADA/1141/0081789 Hammanyero Zainab Ama Human Resource Management
12 DSSC25/2017/ADA/612/0040442 Hananiya Hyelakidati Samuel Medical
13 DSSC25/2017/ADA/244/0013509 Ibrahim Yusuf Khalil Medical
14 DSSC25/2017/ADA/1189/0085333 Idris Arafat Dzarma ICT
15 DSSC25/2017/ADA/471/0029091 Iliya Fatuwa ICT
16 DSSC25/2017/ADA/477/0029332 Ishaku Pwakuli Clifford Logistics
17 DSSC25/2017/ADA/454/0027565 James Nazzuwa Wabolamanyi Accounts and Budget
18 DSSC25/2017/ADA/923/0063832 Jantiku Hamman Joseph Education
19 DSSC25/2017/ADA/208/0011199 Kwaghe Jason Baba Logistics
20 DSSC25/2017/ADA/203/0011020 Mohammed Abubakar Education
21 DSSC25/2017/ADA/260/0014407 Ngida Musa Logistics
22 DSSC25/2017/ADA/2/0000065 Terrang Atsaktiya Denis ICT
23 DSSC25/2017/ADA/234/0012661 Umar Awwal Adamu Logistics
1 DSSC25/2017/AKW/2383/0067148 Andem Edemekong Akanimo ICT
2 DSSC25/2017/AKW/649/0019250 Bassey Princewill ICT
3 DSSC25/2017/AKW/3353/0089472 Ben Ekaette Akpan Information
4 DSSC25/2017/AKW/290/0008059 Edet Maryblessing Effiong Logistics
5 DSSC25/2017/AKW/758/0022146 Edet Monday James Engineering
6 DSSC25/2017/AKW/1848/0052584 Edet Samson Music
7 DSSC25/2017/AKW/328/0009479 Edoho Victor Uwem Human Resource Management
8 DSSC25/2017/AKW/676/0020214 Effiong Kingsley Ndifreke ICT
9 DSSC25/2017/AKW/2886/0079755 Ekwere Edikan Aloysius Sports/Pt
10 DSSC25/2017/AKW/1365/0038846 Elijah Etido Udoh Seaman
11 DSSC25/2017/AKW/2519/0070183 Etim Anietie Sebastian Engineering
12 DSSC25/2017/AKW/9172/0224123 Etuk Esther Michael Information
13 DSSC25/2017/AKW/1963/0056414 Henry Titus Idung ICT
14 DSSC25/2017/AKW/212/0005829 Inam Ndifreke Akpan Engineering
15 DSSC25/2017/AKW/2189/0062446 James Etiese Iniobong Education
16 DSSC25/2017/AKW/1193/0033562 Nyoyoko Edidiong Macarton Medical
17 DSSC25/2017/AKW/108/0003436 Obotowo Ekomobong Ndifreke Medical
18 DSSC25/2017/AKW/2085/0060409 Udo Saviour Udo Logistics
19 DSSC25/2017/AKW/2117/0060963 Udoh Lawrence Augustine Engineering
20 DSSC25/2017/AKW/133/0004134 Udoh Yakekpono David Medical
21 DSSC25/2017/AKW/2231/0063485 Udom Miriam Isaac Accounts and Budget
22 DSSC25/2017/AKW/141/0004230 Uyo Imeime Innocent Hydrography
23 DSSC25/2017/AKW/392/0011325 Williamson Ekemini Sunday Hydrography
1 DSSC25/2017/ANA/402/0008549 Agbasi Ifeanyi Ebubechukwu ICT
2 DSSC25/2017/ANA/960/0020756 Aghazu Ndidiamaka Chikaodili-Bliss Medical
3 DSSC25/2017/ANA/2635/0057857 Arinze Ikenna Jude Medical
4 DSSC25/2017/ANA/3854/0081982 Azuogalanya Zimuzo Tochukwu Medical
5 DSSC25/2017/ANA/305/0006208 Chima Onyebuchi Adrain Engineering
6 DSSC25/2017/ANA/3347/0072002 Ejiofor Ndubuisi Gabriel Human Resource Management
7 DSSC25/2017/ANA/574/0012519 Ijezie Chimmuanya Okwudili Engineering
8 DSSC25/2017/ANA/716/0015347 Iregbenu Nnamdi Godwin Logistics
9 DSSC25/2017/ANA/1854/0039298 James Grace Chidimma Education
10 DSSC25/2017/ANA/59/0001154 Nnaemeka Chibuike Engineering
11 DSSC25/2017/ANA/2082/0043898 Nwafor Onyinye Maryrose Medical
12 DSSC25/2017/ANA/1119/0023956 Ochuba Ekene Emmanuel ICT
13 DSSC25/2017/ANA/1155/0024767 Odenigbo Michael Chisom Medical
14 DSSC25/2017/ANA/2615/0056375 Ogwulumba Christiana Nkechi Logistics
15 DSSC25/2017/ANA/3152/0068605 Okafor Ebuka Benjamin Medical
16 DSSC25/2017/ANA/2358/0050073 Okonkwo Chukwujekwu James Medical
17 DSSC25/2017/ANA/3718/0079365 Okpaloka Adaora Henrietta Education
18 DSSC25/2017/ANA/823/0017755 Ono Onyeka Kingsley Accounts and Budget
19 DSSC25/2017/ANA/975/0021113 Onuorah Chibuzor Michael Legal Services
20 DSSC25/2017/ANA/1320/0027918 Onyeakusi Emmanuel Chinechem Engineering
21 DSSC25/2017/ANA/345/0007141 Onyilimba Stanley Tochukwu ICT
22 DSSC25/2017/ANA/695/0014783 Orakpo Ruth Ifeoma Education
23 DSSC25/2017/ANA/2400/0050970 Udeaja Paul Ogonna Engineering
1 DSSC25/2017/BAU/685/0061775 Abubakar Hamza Datti Human Resource Management
2 DSSC25/2017/BAU/612/0053126 Ahmad Umar Faruoq ICT
3 DSSC25/2017/BAU/21/0001313 Auwal Ahmed Bello ICT
4 DSSC25/2017/BAU/390/0031732 Barau Abdulrasheed Isah Legal Services
5 DSSC25/2017/BAU/959/0090199 Bitrus Ayuba Seaman
6 DSSC25/2017/BAU/842/0078012 Bulus Yelmi Engineering
7 DSSC25/2017/BAU/719/0065554 Daniel Hassan Jerusalem ICT
8 DSSC25/2017/BAU/56/0003599 Ejim Samson ICT
9 DSSC25/2017/BAU/4/0000328 Ibrahim Muhammad Aswad ICT
10 DSSC25/2017/BAU/903/0084152 Ibrahim Muhammad Mustapha Logistics
11 DSSC25/2017/BAU/387/0031586 Iliya Loktah Peter Logistics
12 DSSC25/2017/BAU/211/0012844 Ishaku Dogara ICT
13 DSSC25/2017/BAU/121/0007124 Ishaq Muhammad Auwal ICT
14 DSSC25/2017/BAU/45/0003008 Kabir Kabir Muhammad Accounts and Budget
15 DSSC25/2017/BAU/44/0002978 Linus Moses Daboh Medical
16 DSSC25/2017/BAU/237/0015986 Mohammed Faisal Abdullahi Human Resource Management
17 DSSC25/2017/BAU/118/0007070 Muhammed Aliyu Logistics
18 DSSC25/2017/BAU/77/0005014 Sani Rayyan Isah Logistics
19 DSSC25/2017/BAU/61/0003719 Shehu Muhammad Adahulrahman Accounts and Budget
20 DSSC25/2017/BAU/504/0043783 Umar Salim Ibrahim Accounts and Budget
21 DSSC25/2017/BAU/131/0007444 Yahaya Hassan Hassan ICT
22 DSSC25/2017/BAU/585/0051296 Yohanna Folmi Legal Services
23 DSSC25/2017/BAU/542/0047598 Yusuf Danjuma Sarauta Logistics
1 DSSC25/2017/BAY/211/0020088 Agonga Oyintare Logistics
2 DSSC25/2017/BAY/960/0082613 Akenkide Mercy ICT
3 DSSC25/2017/BAY/360/0034006 Akusi Tubokeye Medical
4 DSSC25/2017/BAY/11/0000886 Asamaowei Ebipadou Kevin ICT
5 DSSC25/2017/BAY/39/0003539 Ayayerin Franklin Eniekeyi Accounts and Budget
6 DSSC25/2017/BAY/1076/0093586 Azebi Michael Oyienpereyikurogha Engineering
7 DSSC25/2017/BAY/119/0010838 Boloupremo Bernice Enebimo Legal Services
8 DSSC25/2017/BAY/781/0066656 Brambaifa Dennis Keme Accounts and Budget
9 DSSC25/2017/BAY/76/0006148 Brutus Precioustone Hawells Education
10 DSSC25/2017/BAY/10/0000650 Filafa Oyinmiedo Samuel Education
11 DSSC25/2017/BAY/103/0009233 Ikutegbe Voke Lucia Logistics
12 DSSC25/2017/BAY/182/0017235 Kabowei Solomon Warebi Engineering
13 DSSC25/2017/BAY/204/0019600 Koko Christian Engineering
14 DSSC25/2017/BAY/329/0030951 Laderi Sunday Accounts and Budget
15 DSSC25/2017/BAY/23/0002220 Lazarus Tari Lokoja Engineering
16 DSSC25/2017/BAY/409/0038138 Oge Tamranebi Logistics
17 DSSC25/2017/BAY/2/0000140 Ogene Precious Obakponovwe Education
18 DSSC25/2017/BAY/825/0070677 Owoupele Bob Ebiake Legal Services
19 DSSC25/2017/BAY/345/0031867 Simon Sandra Ebiere Medical
20 DSSC25/2017/BAY/202/0019440 Tantua Preye David Medical
21 DSSC25/2017/BAY/697/0060807 Ugbedinma Anthony Education
22 DSSC25/2017/BAY/136/0012691 Ugboriata Ebikonboere ICT
23 DSSC25/2017/BAY/377/0035531 Wurukeseye Esther Keme Logistics
1 DSSC25/2017/BEN/3033/0081460 Abah Ameh Medical
2 DSSC25/2017/BEN/554/0016606 Aboh David Terhemba Seaman
3 DSSC25/2017/BEN/865/0024900 Aboje Benjamin Oche Logistics
4 DSSC25/2017/BEN/26/0000771 Afeah Mike Avanenge Accounts and Budget
5 DSSC25/2017/BEN/1221/0034953 Akor Adams Ochekawo Information
6 DSSC25/2017/BEN/392/0011887 Aligbe Bartholomew Human Resource Management
7 DSSC25/2017/BEN/1950/0053329 Amodu Blessing Ojo Education
8 DSSC25/2017/BEN/612/0018057 Atime Stella Nguamo Accounts and Budget
9 DSSC25/2017/BEN/2621/0071003 Aza Aondoakaa Sylvanus Human Resource Management
10 DSSC25/2017/BEN/2993/0080415 Baba Benjamin Musa Legal Services
11 DSSC25/2017/BEN/2677/0072419 Godwin Emmanuel Onmonya Logistics
12 DSSC25/2017/BEN/1114/0031752 Ichah Joseph Mathias ICT
13 DSSC25/2017/BEN/2030/0056169 Idoko Emmanuel Sunday Engineering
14 DSSC25/2017/BEN/1473/0041799 Ikima Sesugh Valentine ICT
15 DSSC25/2017/BEN/1131/0032342 Iordyeh Doofan Ruth Medical
16 DSSC25/2017/BEN/2377/0065243 Linus Awuniji Engineering
17 DSSC25/2017/BEN/914/0026839 Ochai Danjuma Alexander Engineering
18 DSSC25/2017/BEN/261/0007320 Odan Samson Udama Engineering
19 DSSC25/2017/BEN/894/0026019 Odeh Prince Olah Engineering
20 DSSC25/2017/BEN/11/0000283 Ogwuche Matthew Monday Hydrography
21 DSSC25/2017/BEN/82/0002318 Ominyi John Ogah Medical
22 DSSC25/2017/BEN/544/0016380 Oyaje Joshua Engineering
23 DSSC25/2017/BEN/1018/0029387 Zinabe Destiny Adada Seaman
1 DSSC25/2017/BOR/580/0042011 Abdulkadir Usman Fura ICT
2 DSSC25/2017/BOR/215/0010401 Adamu Danladi Musa Medical
3 DSSC25/2017/BOR/44/0002811 Andrew Daniel Seaman
4 DSSC25/2017/BOR/754/0054404 Ardo Dawo Chaplain
5 DSSC25/2017/BOR/79/0005060 Ayuba Haruna Mallah Medical
6 DSSC25/2017/BOR/298/0016653 Bassi Jirama Ali ICT
7 DSSC25/2017/BOR/1025/0084209 Buba Tahir Engineering
8 DSSC25/2017/BOR/1094/0093328 Dibal Simon Ishaku ICT
9 DSSC25/2017/BOR/23/0000867 Fali Victor Aminu Logistics
10 DSSC25/2017/BOR/374/0023398 Farouk Faisal ICT
11 DSSC25/2017/BOR/304/0016957 Hamma Salihu Mohammed Accounts and Budget
12 DSSC25/2017/BOR/364/0022416 Ibrahim Abdulmumini Imam ICT
13 DSSC25/2017/BOR/772/0059333 Jukunda Ibrahim Engineering
14 DSSC25/2017/BOR/238/0012188 Lamba Zubairu Umar Medical
15 DSSC25/2017/BOR/562/0040750 Mai Barka Ali Education
16 DSSC25/2017/BOR/227/0011069 Maidugu Fatima Ali Medical
17 DSSC25/2017/BOR/28/0001086 Malgwi Philip Gana Information
18 DSSC25/2017/BOR/466/0031725 Musa Muhammad Mshelia Information
19 DSSC25/2017/BOR/639/0046602 Nasir Ibrahim Khalil Seaman
20 DSSC25/2017/BOR/148/0007672 Nuhu Ali Ibrahim Seaman
21 DSSC25/2017/BOR/241/0012413 Shettima Shashi Medical
22 DSSC25/2017/BOR/633/0046332 Yusuf Iliya Mamza Accounts and Budget
23 DSSC25/2017/BOR/776/0059709 Zanna Abba Hamza ICT
1 DSSC25/2017/CRO/195/0010194 Agba Valentine Martins Engineering
2 DSSC25/2017/CRO/609/0029169 Binang Michael Binang Medical
3 DSSC25/2017/CRO/135/0007055 Ebri Patrick Felix ICT
4 DSSC25/2017/CRO/1906/0078396 Effiom Victor Edem Medical
5 DSSC25/2017/CRO/57/0003152 Effiong Veronica Inyang Information
6 DSSC25/2017/CRO/562/0027595 Ekpenukpang Christopher Agbenem Medical
7 DSSC25/2017/CRO/2273/0093699 Enang Ernest Dennis Hydrography
8 DSSC25/2017/CRO/1166/0049984 Ewah Patrick Ayi Medical
9 DSSC25/2017/CRO/349/0016793 Henshaw Ruth Offiong Medical
10 DSSC25/2017/CRO/319/0015297 Inang Ruth Essien Sports/Pt
11 DSSC25/2017/CRO/366/0017891 Ita Donatus Atta Accounts and Budget
12 DSSC25/2017/CRO/1633/0066709 Ntui Jerry Ako Engineering
13 DSSC25/2017/CRO/36/0002032 Obri Fidelis Ogbaji Accounts and Budget
14 DSSC25/2017/CRO/214/0011279 Offem Moses Obaseoye ICT
15 DSSC25/2017/CRO/1652/0067510 Ogar Moses Ohobu ICT
16 DSSC25/2017/CRO/1375/0058225 Ogbu Ogri Solomon Human Resource Management
17 DSSC25/2017/CRO/204/0010761 Okayim Paul Erungworo Information
18 DSSC25/2017/CRO/142/0007399 Okpong Denis Edet Legal Services
19 DSSC25/2017/CRO/194/0010135 Onabe Dorothy Agide Information
20 DSSC25/2017/CRO/1832/0075430 Onabe Serah Azema Engineering
21 DSSC25/2017/CRO/1666/0068055 Ugbe Leo-Osteen Ikwen Legal Services
22 DSSC25/2017/CRO/243/0012252 Ukore Martina Michael Human Resource Management
23 DSSC25/2017/CRO/496/0024177 Ushie Hilary Eshidenang Logistics
1 DSSC25/2017/DEL/871/0013624 Aduga Eruemulor Kevin Legal Services
2 DSSC25/2017/DEL/1534/0025601 Agali Umusu Nduka Engineering
3 DSSC25/2017/DEL/824/0012793 Ayomanor Ufoma Logistics
4 DSSC25/2017/DEL/1765/0029164 Brorhien Kpabor Paul Hydrography
5 DSSC25/2017/DEL/3191/0053057 Burhie Kelly Ebakpororo Logistics
6 DSSC25/2017/DEL/5204/0088525 Egwuelu Emuyemiken Wilfred Medical
7 DSSC25/2017/DEL/33/0000571 Eko Kingsley Ejiro Seaman
8 DSSC25/2017/DEL/378/0005964 Erhieyovwe Akpevwe Theophilus Hydrography
9 DSSC25/2017/DEL/3032/0050473 Gogo Tamaralayefa Emmanuel Human Resource Management
10 DSSC25/2017/DEL/3559/0060929 Kpekpe Tunemi Governor Engineering
11 DSSC25/2017/DEL/8/0000183 Mokwenye Anthony Medical
12 DSSC25/2017/DEL/3331/0056121 Odega Prince Junior Logistics
13 DSSC25/2017/DEL/817/0012645 Ogbodu Joy Legal Services
14 DSSC25/2017/DEL/2645/0043958 Ojih Joshua Ovoke Engineering
15 DSSC25/2017/DEL/5269/0089553 Okonkwo Caleb Enino Engineering
16 DSSC25/2017/DEL/24/0000439 Okonkwo Peter Awele Engineering
17 DSSC25/2017/DEL/1600/0026696 Onocha Kesiena Omafuvwe Medical
18 DSSC25/2017/DEL/253/1041789 Oritsetimeyin Morrison Medical
19 DSSC25/2017/DEL/1036/0016563 Orueri Daniel Ufuoma Engineering
20 DSSC25/2017/DEL/3051/0050845 Oyibotha Hope Purity Information
21 DSSC25/2017/DEL/2998/0050014 Ozeghe Best Engineering
22 DSSC25/2017/DEL/3278/0054346 Ubuvwerorose Faith Omotegbona Information
23 DSSC25/2017/DEL/5137/0087377 Unueroh Enoh Precious Music
1 DSSC25/2017/EBO/133/0006579 Agha Amaobi Anthony Engineering
2 DSSC25/2017/EBO/1503/0085627 Agwu Ezinne Favour Accounts and Budget
3 DSSC25/2017/EBO/1272/0071796 Agwu Lebechi Nnachi Logistics
4 DSSC25/2017/EBO/155/0007616 A-James Francess Chidera Logistics
5 DSSC25/2017/EBO/4/0000198 Aluu Ogbonna Clement ICT
6 DSSC25/2017/EBO/496/0029441 Anyigor Collins Agozie Medical
7 DSSC25/2017/EBO/1299/0073288 Azu Patrick Education
8 DSSC25/2017/EBO/272/0014472 Ekuma Kelechi Okechukwu Medical
9 DSSC25/2017/EBO/83/0004091 Elum Frederick Omenga Friday Legal Services
10 DSSC25/2017/EBO/325/0017565 Ezeh Michael Emeka Legal Services
11 DSSC25/2017/EBO/1531/0087163 Ibe Enwo Kelvin Enyinna Seaman
12 DSSC25/2017/EBO/340/0018648 Ibiam Victor Akachukwu Medical
13 DSSC25/2017/EBO/692/0040408 Njoku John Ositadimma Medical
14 DSSC25/2017/EBO/716/0041063 Nwele Emmanuel Onyekachi ICT
15 DSSC25/2017/EBO/951/0053568 Nworie Chukwudi Mcedwards Medical
16 DSSC25/2017/EBO/674/0039487 Ogboji Romanus Sunday ICT
17 DSSC25/2017/EBO/440/0025326 Ogbu Nathaniel Oluebube Medical
18 DSSC25/2017/EBO/1164/0065820 Oko Ikwuo Okporie Engineering
19 DSSC25/2017/EBO/1277/0071978 Oko Uchenna David Engineering
20 DSSC25/2017/EBO/923/0051809 Okonkwo Fredrick Ifeanyi ICT
21 DSSC25/2017/EBO/1104/0062566 Okoro Tochukwu James Engineering
22 DSSC25/2017/EBO/1593/0090063 Ori Ogbonnaya Eze Human Resource Management
23 DSSC25/2017/EBO/211/0010417 Orji-Oko Chibuike Lawrence Engineering
1 DSSC25/2017/EDO/1024/0022664 Ashava Adedoyin Stephen Music
2 DSSC25/2017/EDO/143/0003059 Asibor John Oseremen Engineering
3 DSSC25/2017/EDO/470/0011214 Egwaikhide Presley Izeko ICT
4 DSSC25/2017/EDO/4247/0090148 Eseigbe Festus Aidenoje Medical
5 DSSC25/2017/EDO/121/0002510 Igbinadolor Uyiosa Junior Medical
6 DSSC25/2017/EDO/234/0004986 Igelegbai Edward Eronmose Engineering
7 DSSC25/2017/EDO/1201/0026215 Imhante Orobosa Paul Medical
8 DSSC25/2017/EDO/1588/0034479 Imhoagene Richard Goodluck Information
9 DSSC25/2017/EDO/976/0021575 Imoroa Aidelojie Ywrovwo ICT
10 DSSC25/2017/EDO/171/0003574 Irene Patrick Oghenagwe Engineering
11 DSSC25/2017/EDO/1450/0031441 Isah Muhammed Majideen Engineering
12 DSSC25/2017/EDO/4320/0092600 Itoyah Hilary Human Resource Management
13 DSSC25/2017/EDO/429/0010092 Izekor Lucky Engineering
14 DSSC25/2017/EDO/25/0000359 Ogbeiwi Osifoh Hillary ICT
15 DSSC25/2017/EDO/1807/0038888 Ogudu Frank Ehichoya Medical
16 DSSC25/2017/EDO/1566/0033922 Ojah Blessing Onome Logistics
17 DSSC25/2017/EDO/423/0009975 Okojie Godfrey Stephen ICT
18 DSSC25/2017/EDO/3067/0066644 Okojie Rawlings ICT
19 DSSC25/2017/EDO/742/0017299 Paul-Egbezemoghie Magdalene Education
20 DSSC25/2017/EDO/1276/0027549 Saiki Ogarashi Lincoln Medical
21 DSSC25/2017/EDO/2030/0043373 Sunny-Ekos Aisosa Samuel Legal Services
22 DSSC25/2017/EDO/34/0000456 Taiwo Funmilayo Sports/Pt
23 DSSC25/2017/EDO/653/0015602 Ukato George Idemudia ICT
1 DSSC25/2017/EKI/1494/0049474 Abdulah Ibrahim Abiodun Medical
2 DSSC25/2017/EKI/134/0004443 Abiodun Olayinka Johnpaul ICT
3 DSSC25/2017/EKI/1793/0062228 Adetifa Abolanle Oluwatoyin Engineering
4 DSSC25/2017/EKI/2512/0086697 Adeyemi Idris Abidemi Engineering
5 DSSC25/2017/EKI/32/0001058 Ajayi Ayokunle Olakunle Accounts and Budget
6 DSSC25/2017/EKI/125/0003911 Akilo Olufisayo David Accounts and Budget
7 DSSC25/2017/EKI/114/0003427 Akintunde Akinsola Emmanuel Human Resource Management
8 DSSC25/2017/EKI/266/0011567 Akinwumi Oluwatobi Samuel Accounts and Budget
9 DSSC25/2017/EKI/500/0019159 Akomolafe Ahmed Usman Engineering
10 DSSC25/2017/EKI/430/0016436 Dada Temitope Emmanuel Medical
11 DSSC25/2017/EKI/7/0000187 Daramola Oluwaseun Samuel Engineering
12 DSSC25/2017/EKI/1707/0059278 Fabunmi Victor Temitope Medical
13 DSSC25/2017/EKI/623/0022806 Fagbamila Kehinde Johnson Sports/Pt
14 DSSC25/2017/EKI/2130/0074790 Femi Taye Damilola Seaman
15 DSSC25/2017/EKI/1098/0036989 Ibiwoye Oluwasegun Samson Information
16 DSSC25/2017/EKI/135/0004489 Kayode Kolawole Johnson Logistics
17 DSSC25/2017/EKI/1831/0064036 Ojo Tolulope Andrew Legal Services
18 DSSC25/2017/EKI/2388/0082623 Ojuokaye Taiwo Ayodeji Information
19 DSSC25/2017/EKI/460/0017690 Olanipekun Ajibola Ifelola Engineering
20 DSSC25/2017/EKI/628/0022928 Oluniyi Kehinde Tobi Engineering
21 DSSC25/2017/EKI/1974/0069033 Oluwayose Macben Tunde Accounts and Budget
22 DSSC25/2017/EKI/21/0000780 Omole Oluwatosin Onaolapo Information
23 DSSC25/2017/EKI/394/0015433 Omotola Oluwafemi Samuel Engineering
1 DSSC25/2017/ENU/161/0005386 Abonyi Joseph Chidiebere ICT
2 DSSC25/2017/ENU/2672/0080070 Agwu Augustine Nnabuike Human Resource Management
3 DSSC25/2017/ENU/2980/0088693 Aneke Thecla Chinenye Medical
4 DSSC25/2017/ENU/362/0013034 Ani Daniel Sunday Human Resource Management
5 DSSC25/2017/ENU/436/0015186 Chiedu Charles Okechukwu ICT
6 DSSC25/2017/ENU/2884/0086276 Ekowo Stephen Obinnaya Seaman
7 DSSC25/2017/ENU/1032/0034190 Eze Jude Ogechukwu Medical
8 DSSC25/2017/ENU/795/0027101 Ezema Ajuluchukwu Linus Medical
9 DSSC25/2017/ENU/152/0005077 Ezugwu Livinus Kosi Education
10 DSSC25/2017/ENU/1763/0058204 Igwagu Ugochukwu Chukwuemeka E. Medical
11 DSSC25/2017/ENU/149/0005049 Martins Ugwueze Nnamdi Information
12 DSSC25/2017/ENU/456/0015878 Nnaji Emmanuel Emeka ICT
13 DSSC25/2017/ENU/1747/0057717 Nnona Calister Chinwe ICT
14 DSSC25/2017/ENU/1290/0041261 Ochin Arthur Chukwuka Logistics
15 DSSC25/2017/ENU/936/0031230 Ogbuzuru Simon Chigozie Education
16 DSSC25/2017/ENU/757/0025429 Okafor Jacinta Ezinwanne Legal Services
17 DSSC25/2017/ENU/1596/0050337 Okoh Charles Chibuoyim Medical
18 DSSC25/2017/ENU/1796/0059212 Onuorah Melvin Onyedikachukwu Human Resource Management
19 DSSC25/2017/ENU/508/0017480 Ozoude Chukwuebuka Harford Medical
20 DSSC25/2017/ENU/2908/0086810 Ugwoke Chukwuka Ifeanyi ICT
21 DSSC25/2017/ENU/1252/0040367 Ugwu Chikaodili Moses Accounts and Budget
22 DSSC25/2017/ENU/1064/0034965 Ugwu Michael Benjamin ICT
23 DSSC25/2017/ENU/2058/0065169 Ukah Sonia Somtochukwu Medical
1 DSSC25/2017/FCT/38/0011441 Abari Abdullahi Musa Medical
2 DSSC25/2017/FCT/182/0037492 Abdulkarim Victor Adinoyi ICT
3 DSSC25/2017/FCT/410/0077720 Agagwu John Attah Engineering
4 DSSC25/2017/FCT/98/0021480 Alhassan Muhammad Yazeed ICT
5 DSSC25/2017/FCT/76/0017508 Barde Hillary Steven Accounts and Budget
6 DSSC25/2017/FCT/123/0028216 Bello Abdulazeez Muhammed Human Resource Management
7 DSSC25/2017/FCT/382/0072395 Jatto Mohammed ICT
8 DSSC25/2017/FCT/171/0035813 Julius Idakwo A Engineering
9 DSSC25/2017/FCT/459/0083309 Mohammed Kabiru Adamu Human Resource Management
10 DSSC25/2017/FCT/183/0037637 Ocheja Peter Medical
11 DSSC25/2017/FCT/505/0093666 Okogi Emmanuel Ehiedu Chaplain
12 DSSC25/2017/FCT/319/0064091 Sani Ibrahim Yakubu ICT
13 DSSC25/2017/FCT/148/0032742 Tukura Shedrack Pashembpo Medical
14 DSSC25/2017/FCT/196/0040774 Ujor Noah Chaplain
15 DSSC25/2017/FCT/20/0005064 Wakili James Sheshi Engineering
1 DSSC25/2017/GOM/228/0017321 Abdullahi Usman Nuraini Engineering
2 DSSC25/2017/GOM/5/0000293 Abubakar Muktar Mamuda Accounts and Budget
3 DSSC25/2017/GOM/617/0051822 Adamu Albert Ango Engineering
4 DSSC25/2017/GOM/547/0048314 Ahmed Rufai Mohammed Logistics
5 DSSC25/2017/GOM/181/0012488 Dani Daniel Shadrach Seaman
6 DSSC25/2017/GOM/168/0011228 Emmanuel Alfred Kabati Logistics
7 DSSC25/2017/GOM/979/0090494 Haruna Ubaida Education
8 DSSC25/2017/GOM/389/0032898 Iliya Yakubu Richard Education
9 DSSC25/2017/GOM/476/0042323 Jibrin Imrana Abubakar Human Resource Management
10 DSSC25/2017/GOM/474/0042109 Lawan Kembu Audu Human Resource Management
11 DSSC25/2017/GOM/43/0002430 Luka Ayuba Medical
12 DSSC25/2017/GOM/923/0084144 Mackay Albert Simon Education
13 DSSC25/2017/GOM/326/0027281 Maikumo Mike Gideon Medical
14 DSSC25/2017/GOM/190/0013109 Musa Adamu Padah Medical
15 DSSC25/2017/GOM/127/0008537 Nuhu Adamu Human Resource Management
16 DSSC25/2017/GOM/692/0059680 Omachi Elisabeth Eleojo Education
17 DSSC25/2017/GOM/70/0004638 Paris Mikem Yambali Medical
18 DSSC25/2017/GOM/423/0036536 Sambo Ibrahim Mohammed ICT
19 DSSC25/2017/GOM/242/0018674 Tanto Senyamba Micaiah ICT
20 DSSC25/2017/GOM/360/0030033 Umar Ibrahim Accounts and Budget
21 DSSC25/2017/GOM/750/0065383 Yila Dinath Manu Accounts and Budget
22 DSSC25/2017/GOM/307/0024964 Yunusa Edner Education
23 DSSC25/2017/GOM/659/0054038 Yusuf Sagir Muhammad ICT
1 DSSC25/2017/IMO/3634/0054541 Anuforo Eugenia Ifunanya Legal Services
2 DSSC25/2017/IMO/2186/0033754 Anyanwu Uchechukwu Johnbosco Engineering
3 DSSC25/2017/IMO/155/0002684 Anyiam Paul Emeka Engineering
4 DSSC25/2017/IMO/1513/0023471 Boniface Stanley Medical
5 DSSC25/2017/IMO/1086/0016603 Chibueze Charles Chinazor Hydrography
6 DSSC25/2017/IMO/498/0007266 Egbuhuzor Chinomso Collins Human Resource Management
7 DSSC25/2017/IMO/6244/0094050 Igboanugo Ijeoma Nkeiruka Medical
8 DSSC25/2017/IMO/170/0002915 Iheagwam Chidoziem Ivy Engineering
9 DSSC25/2017/IMO/1211/0018878 Ihejirika Chiedozie Destiny ICT
10 DSSC25/2017/IMO/7/0000132 Ikejiofor Onyinye Emmanuella Engineering
11 DSSC25/2017/IMO/4455/0068468 Ikpe Tobechukwu Engineering
12 DSSC25/2017/IMO/1939/0030038 Lawrence Ikenna Symbol Human Resource Management
13 DSSC25/2017/IMO/2339/0035935 Mmadu Favour Olileanya Logistics
14 DSSC25/2017/IMO/713/0010780 Njoku Chidiebere Chidubem Engineering
15 DSSC25/2017/IMO/908/0014000 Nwaeze Sopuruchukwu Remigius Engineering
16 DSSC25/2017/IMO/2099/0032499 Nwogu Udochukwu Sylvester Medical
17 DSSC25/2017/IMO/1867/0029010 Nwordu Peter Chinedu Logistics
18 DSSC25/2017/IMO/5345/0080832 Ohanele Precious Nmaezi Accounts and Budget
19 DSSC25/2017/IMO/680/0010130 Okorie Philip Chidiebere Engineering
20 DSSC25/2017/IMO/1914/0029719 Onwubuariri Ebere Ruth ICT
21 DSSC25/2017/IMO/2172/0033509 Onyekpere Chukwuemeka Chinazo Hydrography
22 DSSC25/2017/IMO/3767/0058265 Roberts Jecinta Chizoba Logistics
23 DSSC25/2017/IMO/1730/0026982 Ucheka Chike Engineering
1 DSSC25/2017/JIG/269/0024465 Abba Ahmed Engineering
2 DSSC25/2017/JIG/12/0001258 Abubakar Al Ameen Ismat ICT
3 DSSC25/2017/JIG/377/0036624 Auwal Ibrahim Abubakar Logistics
4 DSSC25/2017/JIG/342/0032844 Babangida Kamal Hydrography
5 DSSC25/2017/JIG/356/0034192 Babangida Nura Ahmed ICT
6 DSSC25/2017/JIG/723/0080321 Garba Umar Engineering
7 DSSC25/2017/JIG/225/0019059 Halidu Abdulazeez Abubakar Engineering
8 DSSC25/2017/JIG/349/0033200 Ibrahim Masud Engineering
9 DSSC25/2017/JIG/302/0027449 Idris Nuradeen Sabo Accounts and Budget
10 DSSC25/2017/JIG/148/0010922 Ilyasu Abubakar Legal Services
11 DSSC25/2017/JIG/811/0093760 Jaafar Saeed Muhammad Medical
12 DSSC25/2017/JIG/208/0017574 Jibrin Shuaibu Seaman
13 DSSC25/2017/JIG/307/0028509 Kasim Lawal Auwal Logistics
14 DSSC25/2017/JIG/595/0060219 Mahmoud Bello Mustapha Logistics
15 DSSC25/2017/JIG/2/0000066 Muazu Hussein Mohammed Accounts and Budget
16 DSSC25/2017/JIG/189/0015286 Musa Ja’Afar Engineering
17 DSSC25/2017/JIG/71/0005788 Musa Yahaya Legal Services
18 DSSC25/2017/JIG/38/0003235 Suleiman Aminu Muhammad ICT
19 DSSC25/2017/JIG/104/0008023 Umar Abdulkadir Tafida ICT
20 DSSC25/2017/JIG/498/0047570 Umar Abubakar Logistics
21 DSSC25/2017/JIG/202/0017199 Umar Mustapha Medical
22 DSSC25/2017/JIG/801/0091315 Yakubu Usman Accounts and Budget
23 DSSC25/2017/JIG/112/0008315 Zandam Mustapha Yakubu Accounts and Budget
1 DSSC25/2017/KAD/672/0030834 Abdulazeez Abdulrazaq Engineering
2 DSSC25/2017/KAD/1335/0060456 Abdulazeez Ridwan Medical
3 DSSC25/2017/KAD/1040/0047004 Auwalu Anzabur Logistics
4 DSSC25/2017/KAD/311/0014219 Didam Zacham Patrick Accounts and Budget
5 DSSC25/2017/KAD/290/0013112 Dowyaro Jonathan Shunom Seaman
6 DSSC25/2017/KAD/1792/0078724 Dukas Jeremiah Logistics
7 DSSC25/2017/KAD/1170/0051863 Enam Lucky Patrick ICT
8 DSSC25/2017/KAD/2043/0088663 Ephraim Aminchi Engineering
9 DSSC25/2017/KAD/1852/0080526 George Gregory Yashim ICT
10 DSSC25/2017/KAD/1838/0080134 Hassan Rose Engineering
11 DSSC25/2017/KAD/1019/0046134 Ibrahim Adamu Mailafiya ICT
12 DSSC25/2017/KAD/417/0018716 Ibrahim Akilu Engineering
13 DSSC25/2017/KAD/2113/0091404 Musa Abbas ICT
14 DSSC25/2017/KAD/2157/0093787 Musa Abubakar Saddiq ICT
15 DSSC25/2017/KAD/1428/0063371 Paul Agnes Shaggi Medical
16 DSSC25/2017/KAD/1950/0084148 Rabo Nicodemus Nyam Human Resource Management
17 DSSC25/2017/KAD/1847/0080388 Salihu Abdulhakeem Zakari ICT
18 DSSC25/2017/KAD/1916/0082817 Saul Veronica Medical
19 DSSC25/2017/KAD/509/0022579 Stephen Moses Engineering
20 DSSC25/2017/KAD/1521/0067136 Turaki Harmony Maijinya Engineering
21 DSSC25/2017/KAD/319/0014576 Yohanna Mathias Seaman
22 DSSC25/2017/KAD/30/0001344 Yusuf Badamasi Seaman
23 DSSC25/2017/KAD/773/0035112 Yusuf Tobechukwu Accounts and Budget
1 DSSC25/2017/KAN/207/0008405 Abdullahi Ibrahim ICT
2 DSSC25/2017/KAN/195/0008179 Adamu Yahaya Yahaya Legal Services
3 DSSC25/2017/KAN/889/0042995 Alhasaan Kamil Abdulwahab Medical
4 DSSC25/2017/KAN/139/0006685 Bashir Ahmad Datti Education
5 DSSC25/2017/KAN/645/0030289 Haruna Abdulazeez Human Resource Management
6 DSSC25/2017/KAN/142/0006769 Haruna Iliyasu Human Resource Management
7 DSSC25/2017/KAN/113/0005576 Hudu Abubakar Seaman
8 DSSC25/2017/KAN/32/0001153 Ibrahim Saifullahi Gandu Education
9 DSSC25/2017/KAN/200/0008255 Ibrahim Abdullahi Engineering
10 DSSC25/2017/KAN/761/0036142 Idris Lukman Ahmad Engineering
11 DSSC25/2017/KAN/281/0010732 Iliya Nasiru ICT
12 DSSC25/2017/KAN/414/0018120 Isah Nurudeen Yakubu Logistics
13 DSSC25/2017/KAN/1631/0081930 Ladan Shaayau Yusif ICT
14 DSSC25/2017/KAN/53/0002251 Muhammad Bashir Haruna Logistics
15 DSSC25/2017/KAN/542/0024701 Muktar Muhammad Gaya ICT
16 DSSC25/2017/KAN/55/0002470 Musa Saheed Ibrahim Education
17 DSSC25/2017/KAN/120/0005745 Rabiu Kabiru Mohammed Accounts and Budget
18 DSSC25/2017/KAN/334/0013566 Sani Sani Abdulwahid Ayayagi Education
19 DSSC25/2017/KAN/173/0007473 Usman Ahmad Bala Engineering
20 DSSC25/2017/KAN/788/0037435 Usman Mannir Medical
21 DSSC25/2017/KAN/790/0037441 Yahaya Abdullahi Garba Accounts and Budget
22 DSSC25/2017/KAN/665/0031390 Yakubu Mustapha Dalhatu Accounts and Budget
23 DSSC25/2017/KAN/1741/0089338 Yunusa Ibrahim Maiadashi Legal Services
1 DSSC25/2017/KAT/630/0045410 Abdulhadi Nuraddeen Birchi Accounts and Budget
2 DSSC25/2017/KAT/427/0027109 Abdulkadir Aminu Hassan Engineering
3 DSSC25/2017/KAT/956/0072126 Ahmed Fahad Atiku Seaman
4 DSSC25/2017/KAT/905/0069104 Ahmed Umar Sani ICT
5 DSSC25/2017/KAT/510/0035563 Audu Sule Accounts and Budget
6 DSSC25/2017/KAT/910/0069568 Bashir Ahmad Farfaru ICT
7 DSSC25/2017/KAT/23/0001026 Bashir Muhammed Sani Logistics
8 DSSC25/2017/KAT/20/0000836 Busari Nurudeen Niyi ICT
9 DSSC25/2017/KAT/1/0000193 Dan-Musa Ibrahim Gambo Legal Services
10 DSSC25/2017/KAT/106/0006036 Garba Aliyu Information
11 DSSC25/2017/KAT/506/0035253 Ibrahim Aliyu Hussaini Education
12 DSSC25/2017/KAT/1153/0089914 Ikra Mubarak Liman Human Resource Management
13 DSSC25/2017/KAT/890/0067416 Muhammad Abubakar Lawal Education
14 DSSC25/2017/KAT/48/0002424 Muhammad Abubakar Baba Accounts and Budget
15 DSSC25/2017/KAT/225/0012155 Muhammad Muddassir Accounts and Budget
16 DSSC25/2017/KAT/117/0006700 Mukhtar Umar Shitu ICT
17 DSSC25/2017/KAT/66/0003990 Safiyanu Usman Logistics
18 DSSC25/2017/KAT/588/0043123 Saidu Haruna Engineering
19 DSSC25/2017/KAT/79/0004912 Sani Abubakar Gide Engineering
20 DSSC25/2017/KAT/722/0051469 Sani Mubarak Samaila Engineering
21 DSSC25/2017/KAT/328/0018830 Umar Yusuf Ibrahim Education
22 DSSC25/2017/KAT/37/0001766 Usman Abdulhakim Engineering
23 DSSC25/2017/KAT/1073/0080610 Yusuf Haris Muhammad Engineering
1 DSSC25/2017/KEB/550/0071332 Abdullahi Lukman Medical
2 DSSC25/2017/KEB/465/0061857 Audu Aiki Accounts and Budget
3 DSSC25/2017/KEB/237/0031748 Auta Daniel Human Resource Management
4 DSSC25/2017/KEB/685/0094101 Bashar Muhammad Aliyu ICT
5 DSSC25/2017/KEB/173/0022531 Bawa Israel Human Resource Management
6 DSSC25/2017/KEB/61/0008805 Dan Alkali Hamza Abdullahi Engineering
7 DSSC25/2017/KEB/1/0000035 Danjuma Rebecca Sonia Logistics
8 DSSC25/2017/KEB/259/0034942 Gambo Ezekiel Joseph Information
9 DSSC25/2017/KEB/669/0090358 Hanya Buhari Yohanna Logistics
10 DSSC25/2017/KEB/487/0064039 Hassan Emmanuel Seaman
11 DSSC25/2017/KEB/554/0071429 Isah Dandare Maga Seaman
12 DSSC25/2017/KEB/131/0016787 Jibril Bilyaminu Yelwa ICT
13 DSSC25/2017/KEB/485/0064004 Muhammad Anas Medical
14 DSSC25/2017/KEB/60/0008510 Ruwace Abubakar Human Resource Management
15 DSSC25/2017/KEB/462/0061700 Salihu Sherif Education
16 DSSC25/2017/KEB/552/0071376 Sani Ahmed Salim Accounts and Budget
17 DSSC25/2017/KEB/463/0061780 Sani Ibrahim Human Resource Management
18 DSSC25/2017/KEB/5/0000908 Sani Lawal Yaro Education
19 DSSC25/2017/KEB/609/0078549 Shehu Abubakar ICT
20 DSSC25/2017/KEB/531/0069746 Sunday David Education
21 DSSC25/2017/KEB/301/0041884 Tanko Bamaiyi Education
22 DSSC25/2017/KEB/426/0054243 Umar Mohammed Bello Accounts and Budget
23 DSSC25/2017/KEB/336/0045623 Yusuf Jamilu Education
1 DSSC25/2017/KOG/3041/0065529 Abel Christopher Omale Logistics
2 DSSC25/2017/KOG/1163/0023470 Adaboh Martins Okoliko Engineering
3 DSSC25/2017/KOG/681/0014415 Adoke Isaac Medical
4 DSSC25/2017/KOG/524/0012122 Ahmed Abdulkadir Seaman
5 DSSC25/2017/KOG/2937/0063591 Ajayi Adetoye Sunday Human Resource Management
6 DSSC25/2017/KOG/1353/0027699 Ajiboye Oseka Paul Logistics
7 DSSC25/2017/KOG/264/0005422 Amlogu Joseph Ayemlo Logistics
8 DSSC25/2017/KOG/3872/0080965 Bamikunle Michael Oromidayo Medical
9 DSSC25/2017/KOG/4164/0086239 Daniel Emmanuel Seun Engineering
10 DSSC25/2017/KOG/880/0017961 Enejiyon Abdulmaleeq Omeiza Engineering
11 DSSC25/2017/KOG/1411/0028872 Idajili Ismaila ICT
12 DSSC25/2017/KOG/1000/0019970 Idogbe Eugene Anibe Seaman
13 DSSC25/2017/KOG/3469/0073133 Idris Samuel Salisu Engineering
14 DSSC25/2017/KOG/794/0016510 Ikulagba Gabriel Olusegun Logistics
15 DSSC25/2017/KOG/271/0005550 Jinadu Abdulbaqi Omonayin Engineering
16 DSSC25/2017/KOG/3513/0073805 King Abiodun Olujimi Music
17 DSSC25/2017/KOG/1642/0034285 Ocheni Abigail ICT
18 DSSC25/2017/KOG/77/0001555 Olomefa Femi Peter Seaman
19 DSSC25/2017/KOG/1756/0036983 Olorunmaiye Adeshina Alex Logistics
20 DSSC25/2017/KOG/1259/0025880 Oshagbemi Victoria Tosin Medical
21 DSSC25/2017/KOG/2659/0057885 Paul Ojomaje Onuche Seaman
22 DSSC25/2017/KOG/2439/0051312 Salami Adinoyi Benson Education
23 DSSC25/2017/KOG/2382/0050190 Udeh Marshall Chinedu ICT
1 DSSC25/2017/KWA/1040/0026572 Abdullateef Al-Ameen Abiodun Logistics
2 DSSC25/2017/KWA/751/0020044 Abdurrahman Farouk Adekunl Engineering
3 DSSC25/2017/KWA/1365/0033811 Abolarin Vincent Bolaji Engineering
4 DSSC25/2017/KWA/943/0024351 Adaradohun Damilare James Logistics
5 DSSC25/2017/KWA/537/0015459 Adaramola Samuel Oluwasola Medical
6 DSSC25/2017/KWA/455/0013656 Adegbola Ebenezer Adebayo ICT
7 DSSC25/2017/KWA/696/0018806 Afolayan Julius Oluwatoyin Accounts and Budget
8 DSSC25/2017/KWA/387/0011826 Ajao Fehintola Motunrayo Zainab Accounts and Budget
9 DSSC25/2017/KWA/103/0002616 Ajiboye Dolapo David Logistics
10 DSSC25/2017/KWA/483/0014463 Bandipo Taiye Olusayo Engineering
11 DSSC25/2017/KWA/25/0000619 Bello Mohammed Manir Accounts and Budget
12 DSSC25/2017/KWA/1483/0036502 Dada Oluwabukayomi Ruth ICT
13 DSSC25/2017/KWA/1188/0029807 Ibrahim Bashir Taiwo Medical
14 DSSC25/2017/KWA/261/0007595 Ibrahim Muhammed Bashir Logistics
15 DSSC25/2017/KWA/682/0018586 Jamba-Oda Taofiq Yinka Hydrography
16 DSSC25/2017/KWA/2163/0054834 Jimoh Kazeem Bolaji Engineering
17 DSSC25/2017/KWA/3298/0089908 Oladipo Kolawole Seyi Logistics
18 DSSC25/2017/KWA/2952/0079419 Saba Zenas Ndaezin Engineering
19 DSSC25/2017/KWA/2930/0078877 Saka Shehu Information
20 DSSC25/2017/KWA/946/0024414 Salaudeen Sherifat Kikelomo Accounts and Budget
21 DSSC25/2017/KWA/172/0004307 Sanusi Faiz Mohammed Engineering
22 DSSC25/2017/KWA/2497/0067655 Tajudeen Kudirat Badmus Logistics
23 DSSC25/2017/KWA/967/0024853 Woli Mariam Omotolani Legal Services
1 DSSC25/2017/LAG/298/0016701 Abioye Sunday Ezekiel Medical
2 DSSC25/2017/LAG/834/0036562 Abisogun Anu Omorinsola Legal Services
3 DSSC25/2017/LAG/1079/0049065 Adekolurejo Ebenezer Matthew Engineering
4 DSSC25/2017/LAG/1290/0063237 Apena Ganiu Oluwaseun Logistics
5 DSSC25/2017/LAG/1392/0069760 Bakreen Sofiyat Bolanle Accounts and Budget
6 DSSC25/2017/LAG/620/0028745 Bisiolu Yewande Oluwaseun Legal Services
7 DSSC25/2017/LAG/107/0004782 Ejeh Samuel Ojonugwa Engineering
8 DSSC25/2017/LAG/1103/0051358 Fadaini Oyelola Adejuwon Information
9 DSSC25/2017/LAG/174/0010771 Ganiu Afeez Oluwaseun Logistics
10 DSSC25/2017/LAG/54/0002283 Idowu Omotola Fatimat ICT
11 DSSC25/2017/LAG/1107/0051654 Kareem Elizabeth Oluwakemi Sports/Pt
12 DSSC25/2017/LAG/694/0031584 Lawal Aisha Ayowonuola Medical
13 DSSC25/2017/LAG/1167/0058032 Lawal Jibola Tairat Information
14 DSSC25/2017/LAG/354/0018945 Munis Samson Temitope Engineering
15 DSSC25/2017/LAG/26/0001112 Obanla Oluwaranti Ruth Accounts and Budget
16 DSSC25/2017/LAG/453/0022436 Oga Oluwasegun Adebayo Logistics
17 DSSC25/2017/LAG/1204/0059729 Ogabi Olajide Tokunbo Logistics
18 DSSC25/2017/LAG/461/0022767 Ogunmefun Anuoluwapo Olanike Accounts and Budget
19 DSSC25/2017/LAG/1157/0056619 Oyekunle Funsho Adewale Seaman
20 DSSC25/2017/LAG/1155/0056549 Oyenuga Abayomi Wahab ICT
21 DSSC25/2017/LAG/292/0016306 Sanusi Muktar Ishola Engineering
22 DSSC25/2017/LAG/1100/0051260 Shodeinde Ayinde Kazeem Engineering
23 DSSC25/2017/LAG/751/0033307 Wahab Kazeem Engineering
1 DSSC25/2017/NAS/675/0053993 Abdullahi Muhammad Auwal Sports/Pt
2 DSSC25/2017/NAS/978/0077495 Abdullateef Muhammad Raji Logistics
3 DSSC25/2017/NAS/1186/0094047 Abimiku Allen Jeremiah ICT
4 DSSC25/2017/NAS/495/0041228 Agaisa Aliyu Ibrahim Imam
5 DSSC25/2017/NAS/523/0043496 Brando Kenneth Chun Engineering
6 DSSC25/2017/NAS/359/0027939 Dobson Peter Dabo Seaman
7 DSSC25/2017/NAS/286/0021296 Ebuga Donald Okolo ICT
8 DSSC25/2017/NAS/237/0016831 Gado Lot Ageh Legal Services
9 DSSC25/2017/NAS/1110/0086750 Haruna Gambo Sunday Medical
10 DSSC25/2017/NAS/1/0000103 Iliya Emmanuel Ayas Medical
11 DSSC25/2017/NAS/547/0044906 Isa Bello Alamin Muhammed Engineering
12 DSSC25/2017/NAS/168/0012361 Kuje Ovey Angba Information
13 DSSC25/2017/NAS/197/0014343 Lanyat Edward Kafinta Jatau Accounts and Budget
14 DSSC25/2017/NAS/40/0002706 Loya Samuel Osusha Logistics
15 DSSC25/2017/NAS/678/0054264 Luka Deborah Azedzi Accounts and Budget
16 DSSC25/2017/NAS/263/0018995 Mohammed Sheriff Mohammed Medical
17 DSSC25/2017/NAS/13/0000643 Mohammed Aminu Magaji ICT
18 DSSC25/2017/NAS/507/0042105 Muhammed Sani Salisu Medical
19 DSSC25/2017/NAS/58/0004131 Ocheje Friday Logistics
20 DSSC25/2017/NAS/228/0015916 Ombuganza Andrew Tsaku Engineering
21 DSSC25/2017/NAS/510/0042353 Sani Salamatu Okeyo Medical
22 DSSC25/2017/NAS/242/0017004 Theophilus David Joseph Accounts and Budget
23 DSSC25/2017/NAS/266/0019062 Yaro Polycarp Shuku Accounts and Budget
1 DSSC25/2017/NIG/714/0046587 Abdullahi Ishaq Buba Logistics
2 DSSC25/2017/NIG/41/0002170 Abdullahi Usman Engineering
3 DSSC25/2017/NIG/495/0033345 Abubakar Muhammad Dzukogi Accounts and Budget
4 DSSC25/2017/NIG/766/0049808 Ahmadu Surajo Education
5 DSSC25/2017/NIG/161/0009735 Danjuma Usman ICT
6 DSSC25/2017/NIG/1068/0073871 Dawa Rebeccah Ibrahim Accounts and Budget
7 DSSC25/2017/NIG/460/0030451 Gana Ephraim Monday Medical
8 DSSC25/2017/NIG/61/0003632 Ibrahim Yunusa Human Resource Management
9 DSSC25/2017/NIG/967/0066144 Kolo Shehu Alhaji Human Resource Management
10 DSSC25/2017/NIG/880/0059518 Ladan Abubakar Baba Engineering
11 DSSC25/2017/NIG/181/0011180 Mohammed Abu Human Resource Management
12 DSSC25/2017/NIG/80/0005127 Mohammed Nura Education
13 DSSC25/2017/NIG/236/0014915 Mohammed Yusuf ICT
14 DSSC25/2017/NIG/380/0024531 Muhammad Haruna Mashin Seaman
15 DSSC25/2017/NIG/186/0011713 Muhammad Sharu Suleiman Information
16 DSSC25/2017/NIG/449/0029889 Sanusi Muhammed Alfa Accounts and Budget
17 DSSC25/2017/NIG/786/0050918 Simon Nelson Boyi Engineering
18 DSSC25/2017/NIG/306/0018866 Sule Nuhu Engineering
19 DSSC25/2017/NIG/1164/0081642 Suleiman Aliyu ICT
20 DSSC25/2017/NIG/773/0050104 Tanko Jeremiah Adamu Medical
21 DSSC25/2017/NIG/972/0066689 Tukura Muazu Ismaila ICT
22 DSSC25/2017/NIG/944/0064151 Usman Yahaya Baba Accounts and Budget
23 DSSC25/2017/NIG/809/0052239 Yunana Yushau Gagare ICT
1 DSSC25/2017/OGU/474/0012761 Abolade-David Ebunoluwa Omotayo Engineering
2 DSSC25/2017/OGU/797/0018388 Adekoniye Adedoyin Michael Education
3 DSSC25/2017/OGU/672/0016272 Adeleke Adedamola Babatunde Legal Services
4 DSSC25/2017/OGU/1804/0034767 Adewunmi Andrew Adesanmi Engineering
5 DSSC25/2017/OGU/1589/0031254 Akinrinola Olaoluwa Reuben Medical
6 DSSC25/2017/OGU/930/0020226 Akintunde Philip Babatunde Medical
7 DSSC25/2017/OGU/9/0000161 Alebiosu Omobolade Babalola ICT
8 DSSC25/2017/OGU/2613/0053108 Amodu Gbemisola Zainab Accounts and Budget
9 DSSC25/2017/OGU/3276/0070408 Ilumoka Oluwaseun Olayinka Accounts and Budget
10 DSSC25/2017/OGU/483/0012864 Kayode Olamide Ademola Legal Services
11 DSSC25/2017/OGU/3609/0077337 Majolagbe Lawal Olaniyi Medical
12 DSSC25/2017/OGU/38/0000942 Odedina Adewunmi Engineering
13 DSSC25/2017/OGU/75/0001696 Oduwole Bolaji Ridwan Sports/Pt
14 DSSC25/2017/OGU/29/0000698 Ogunmoyede Samuel Segun Accounts and Budget
15 DSSC25/2017/OGU/386/0011250 Okuneye Kolawole David Engineering
16 DSSC25/2017/OGU/1366/0027091 Olawin Abraham Oludare Information
17 DSSC25/2017/OGU/77/0001710 Olugunwa Funke Milcah Education
18 DSSC25/2017/OGU/2005/0038375 Onadeko Akinwande Oluwatobi Medical
19 DSSC25/2017/OGU/2610/0053058 Opanubi Omotayo Engineering
20 DSSC25/2017/OGU/1674/0032525 Osuntokun Abdulrazak Olawale Education
21 DSSC25/2017/OGU/3986/0085536 Oyefeso Oluwaseun Opemipo Medical
22 DSSC25/2017/OGU/837/0019116 Salami Lukman Akanni Engineering
23 DSSC25/2017/OGU/1384/0027305 Shofarasin Oluwadamilola Adeyinka Information
1 DSSC25/2017/OND/430/0013157 Abugan Adeniyi Vincent Education
2 DSSC25/2017/OND/2147/0051921 Ademoluti Titilayo Marian Medical
3 DSSC25/2017/OND/599/0017146 Ademuyiwa Anuoluwapo Christian Medical
4 DSSC25/2017/OND/1160/0028779 Adesaanu Bosede Cecilia Logistics
5 DSSC25/2017/OND/882/0023055 Adesuko Charles Olumide Medical
6 DSSC25/2017/OND/2456/0062232 Adewuni Elizabeth Ibukunoluwa Sports/Pt
7 DSSC25/2017/OND/1661/0040041 Adeyeun Imoleayo Michael ICT
8 DSSC25/2017/OND/2620/0066154 Adeyeye Stephen Babafemi Legal Services
9 DSSC25/2017/OND/2409/0060832 Aidi Samuel Similoluwa Legal Services
10 DSSC25/2017/OND/3324/0083557 Akinloye Joshua Adedoyin Legal Services
11 DSSC25/2017/OND/1655/0040011 Aro Oladayo Benjamin Logistics
12 DSSC25/2017/OND/274/0008482 Arowojolu Emmanuel Olusegun Engineering
13 DSSC25/2017/OND/3056/0077013 Awosika Olumide Odochi Medical
14 DSSC25/2017/OND/917/0023925 Bakare Tosin Samson Medical
15 DSSC25/2017/OND/3500/0087451 Dally Tomilayo Lukman Legal Services
16 DSSC25/2017/OND/124/0002756 Fagbemigun Adeyinka Okeowo Engineering
17 DSSC25/2017/OND/381/0011849 Moyebi Emmanuel Akolawole Medical
18 DSSC25/2017/OND/2885/0071938 Olaremu Ayodeji Joshua Logistics
19 DSSC25/2017/OND/2129/0051440 Olatimehin Igbekele Logistics
20 DSSC25/2017/OND/1036/0026420 Olawole Jude Damilola Medical
21 DSSC25/2017/OND/2111/0051016 Oluwafemi Yemisi Medical
22 DSSC25/2017/OND/191/0005057 Omojola Mukaila Abayomi Medical
23 DSSC25/2017/OND/2544/0064391 Oyeneyin Abiodun Emmanuel ICT
1 DSSC25/2017/OSU/4187/0079840 Adekanye Deborah Ifeoluwa Medical
2 DSSC25/2017/OSU/2907/0054314 Afolabi Deborah Oluwadamilola Medical
3 DSSC25/2017/OSU/4200/0080056 Akinwande Elizabeth Oluwakemi Medical
4 DSSC25/2017/OSU/3546/0068352 Aremu Akinlabi Sodiq Hydrography
5 DSSC25/2017/OSU/1493/0028830 Arowoogun Oluwaseun Obaloluwa Legal Services
6 DSSC25/2017/OSU/827/0017851 Awayewaserere Yahaya Olayiwola Accounts and Budget
7 DSSC25/2017/OSU/4285/0081624 Awolola Victor Oluseye Accounts and Budget
8 DSSC25/2017/OSU/4712/0089782 Awoyode Adebola Taiwo Human Resource Management
9 DSSC25/2017/OSU/341/0007688 Azeez Sadeeq Kayode Medical
10 DSSC25/2017/OSU/1037/0021589 Egbewunmi Temilade Esther Legal Services
11 DSSC25/2017/OSU/1192/0024225 Gentry Oluwasegun Akintunde ICT
12 DSSC25/2017/OSU/4160/0079219 Ibitowa Muideen Owakorede Education
13 DSSC25/2017/OSU/2252/0041061 Jamiu Lukman Olawale Logistics
14 DSSC25/2017/OSU/1972/0036409 Ogunjinmi Peter Damilola Logistics
15 DSSC25/2017/OSU/2018/0037141 Ojewusi Babayemi Oluniyi Medical
16 DSSC25/2017/OSU/15/0000250 Okunola Hafis Babatunde Medical
17 DSSC25/2017/OSU/3729/0071738 Oladele Oluwadara Tobi Engineering
18 DSSC25/2017/OSU/3050/0059010 Olasinde Malik Olayinka Engineering
19 DSSC25/2017/OSU/1978/0036487 Olasore James Adebowale ICT
20 DSSC25/2017/OSU/1338/0026441 Olayiwola Dauda Olayide Education
21 DSSC25/2017/OSU/4813/0091384 Owosangba Damilare Hezekiah Hydrography
22 DSSC25/2017/OSU/544/0012347 Oyewole Mayowa Adeyemo Accounts and Budget
23 DSSC25/2017/OSU/1406/0027429 Towobola Tolulope Oluwatobi ICT
1 DSSC25/2017/OYO/750/0017386 Abdulhamid Azeezat Olawunmi Medical
2 DSSC25/2017/OYO/11/0000179 Adedotun-Davis Folajimi Olumide Logistics
3 DSSC25/2017/OYO/617/0014960 Adeleke Akintoyese Rilwan ICT
4 DSSC25/2017/OYO/630/0015158 Adeleke Ayobami Sheriff ICT
5 DSSC25/2017/OYO/1920/0039398 Afolabi Yetunde Feyikemi Human Resource Management
6 DSSC25/2017/OYO/3808/0081366 Ajala Bunmi Christianah Human Resource Management
7 DSSC25/2017/OYO/526/0013132 Akingbade Ibikunle Sunday Accounts and Budget
8 DSSC25/2017/OYO/171/0003203 Akintayo Jubril Olalekan ICT
9 DSSC25/2017/OYO/1412/0029804 Alao Omotayo Samuel Information
10 DSSC25/2017/OYO/2242/0046237 Amao Taiwo Oluwadamilola ICT
11 DSSC25/2017/OYO/628/0015115 Anibire Damilare Ayotunde Hydrography
12 DSSC25/2017/OYO/751/0017407 Badmus Ayokunle Oluwatosin Medical
13 DSSC25/2017/OYO/72/0001408 Kotti Olabisi Habiba Information
14 DSSC25/2017/OYO/1064/0023342 Lawal Aliu Bolade Engineering
15 DSSC25/2017/OYO/2474/0051208 Oladele Halimat Olajumoke Legal Services
16 DSSC25/2017/OYO/3539/0075877 Olagbemiro Babalola Simon Engineering
17 DSSC25/2017/OYO/396/0010009 Olaopa Samuel Dare Logistics
18 DSSC25/2017/OYO/2404/0049535 Olaore Aliu Alabi Education
19 DSSC25/2017/OYO/1627/0033907 Raji Gafar Abiola Seaman
20 DSSC25/2017/OYO/57/0001204 Salaudeen Barakat Oluwatoyin Medical
21 DSSC25/2017/OYO/1684/0034963 Tijani Akeem Adewale Medical
22 DSSC25/2017/OYO/2693/0057965 Waheed Tunde Obafemi Accounts and Budget
23 DSSC25/2017/OYO/346/0008519 Wojuola Tosin Ejiro Medical
1 DSSC25/2017/PLA/532/0042187 Agoh Shadrach A’Anah Accounts and Budget
2 DSSC25/2017/PLA/337/0025268 Ahile Manasseh Ado Logistics
3 DSSC25/2017/PLA/263/0019765 Bitrus Musa Itse Engineering
4 DSSC25/2017/PLA/980/0076519 Boniface Fidelis Dongjur Accounts and Budget
5 DSSC25/2017/PLA/498/0039349 Dalyop Frederick Fulus Accounts and Budget
6 DSSC25/2017/PLA/885/0070746 Danat Kopret Nwandi Accounts and Budget
7 DSSC25/2017/PLA/491/0038616 Danjuma Hannatu Abiodun Medical
8 DSSC25/2017/PLA/1091/0083015 Danjuma Mankurum Mary Information
9 DSSC25/2017/PLA/32/0002584 Danladi Yebung Solomon ICT
10 DSSC25/2017/PLA/165/0011589 Danuk Augusta Naankang Education
11 DSSC25/2017/PLA/399/0030508 Dashuwar Domdyel Mutes Medical
12 DSSC25/2017/PLA/871/0069333 Dauda Suleiman Logistics
13 DSSC25/2017/PLA/810/0065103 Dung Dalyop Bature Logistics
14 DSSC25/2017/PLA/63/0004744 Edward Domnan Anthony Information
15 DSSC25/2017/PLA/89/0006604 Gurama Shilintang Stephen ICT
16 DSSC25/2017/PLA/4/0000314 Haruna Muhammed Ahmed Accounts and Budget
17 DSSC25/2017/PLA/502/0039549 Hwere Gwom Ezekiel Medical
18 DSSC25/2017/PLA/663/0052220 Kirji Zumji Jeremiah Education
19 DSSC25/2017/PLA/1139/0086535 Malann Fukki Ephraim Medical
20 DSSC25/2017/PLA/301/0022833 Nianglong Kenneth Kyegwim Medical
21 DSSC25/2017/PLA/31/0002537 Nyam Rose Abus Education
22 DSSC25/2017/PLA/482/0037833 Samuel Ritpoji Bako Accounts and Budget
23 DSSC25/2017/PLA/1218/0093424 Zingzhi Amen Bako Information
1 DSSC25/2017/RIV/121/0004173 Amachree Fubara Edwin Engineering
2 DSSC25/2017/RIV/1115/0038489 Dappa Nathan Rowland Engineering
3 DSSC25/2017/RIV/481/0016410 Edebor Chiwendu Blessing Engineering
4 DSSC25/2017/RIV/2355/0078566 Elechi-Amadi Jeffery Chile Information
5 DSSC25/2017/RIV/554/0019471 Emmanuel Sunday Brown Medical
6 DSSC25/2017/RIV/2657/0088515 Esor Uwuma Medical
7 DSSC25/2017/RIV/2676/0088966 Festus Esther Chioma Medical
8 DSSC25/2017/RIV/1387/0046706 Idoinung Gogonte Obediah Legal Services
9 DSSC25/2017/RIV/1745/0058999 Igoni Mesel Medical
10 DSSC25/2017/RIV/658/0023534 Monday Paul Karabari Chaplain
11 DSSC25/2017/RIV/1761/0059583 Nagbi Israel Tombari B Medical
12 DSSC25/2017/RIV/2340/0078037 Nwadike Dumka Precious Logistics
13 DSSC25/2017/RIV/1988/0066490 Nwiyordee Israel Engineering
14 DSSC25/2017/RIV/1999/0066939 Ogie Kebin ICT
15 DSSC25/2017/RIV/1148/0039694 Onyikwu Ihienachi Temple Legal Services
16 DSSC25/2017/RIV/1799/0060711 Osaro-Olai Lauretta Goya Legal Services
17 DSSC25/2017/RIV/1430/0048001 Osaro-Wokoma Owaneenu Ochenya Engineering
18 DSSC25/2017/RIV/280/0008811 Owhor-Chuku Austeen Chioma Medical
19 DSSC25/2017/RIV/9/0000420 Owhor-Chuku Jeff Legal Services
20 DSSC25/2017/RIV/1165/0040097 Promise-Leton Justina Ugochi Medical
21 DSSC25/2017/RIV/1648/0054617 Torporo Kalenebari Raymond Medical
22 DSSC25/2017/RIV/755/0026725 Uzah Ijeoma Precious Accounts and Budget
23 DSSC25/2017/RIV/30/0001082 Yinkere Edward Priye ICT
1 DSSC25/2017/SOK/462/0092863 Abdullahi Abubakar B Engineering
2 DSSC25/2017/SOK/103/0016687 Abdulmalik Musa Education
3 DSSC25/2017/SOK/268/0047594 Abdulmalik Musa Ahmed Accounts and Budget
4 DSSC25/2017/SOK/407/0077825 Aliyu Kabiru Education
5 DSSC25/2017/SOK/424/0082491 Bala Buhari Education
6 DSSC25/2017/SOK/430/0084743 Bello Abubakar Education
7 DSSC25/2017/SOK/385/0074983 Bello Amiru Ahmad Engineering
8 DSSC25/2017/SOK/122/0019814 Bilyaminu Mustapha Muhammed Accounts and Budget
9 DSSC25/2017/SOK/306/0054640 Garba Abdullahi Alhaji Accounts and Budget
10 DSSC25/2017/SOK/141/0024039 Haruna Abubakar Yusuf Medical
11 DSSC25/2017/SOK/157/0028409 Haruna Mukhtar Alhaji Medical
12 DSSC25/2017/SOK/74/0012076 Muhammad Bilyaminu ICT
13 DSSC25/2017/SOK/304/0053743 Muhammad Shehu Medical
14 DSSC25/2017/SOK/105/0017105 Muhammad Usman Medical
15 DSSC25/2017/SOK/34/0005804 Muhammad Usman Umar Engineering
16 DSSC25/2017/SOK/379/0073295 Musa Anas Seaman
17 DSSC25/2017/SOK/369/0071314 Sahabi T/Kwangi Mustapha T/Kwangi Seaman
18 DSSC25/2017/SOK/22/0002928 Shehu Shamsuddin Gyalgyal ICT
19 DSSC25/2017/SOK/4/0001046 Sidi Ibrahim Labaran Engineering
20 DSSC25/2017/SOK/433/0085492 Suleiman Abdullahi Human Resource Management
21 DSSC25/2017/SOK/61/0009962 Umar Abubakar Abba Seaman
22 DSSC25/2017/SOK/443/0087397 Usman Muhammad Hafiz Accounts and Budget
23 DSSC25/2017/SOK/269/0047690 Yusuf Muhammad Education
1 DSSC25/2017/TAR/336/0030269 Adamu Emmanuel Danladi Accounts and Budget
2 DSSC25/2017/TAR/562/0050860 Ajiya Moses Andefiki Logistics
3 DSSC25/2017/TAR/692/0063428 Akintse Janet Toby Accounts and Budget
4 DSSC25/2017/TAR/376/0035568 Ambikpu Udi Allahyabani Accounts and Budget
5 DSSC25/2017/TAR/662/0060035 Amos James Angyu Engineering
6 DSSC25/2017/TAR/17/0001675 Badamasi Auwal ICT
7 DSSC25/2017/TAR/477/0044442 Bala Ishaya Medical
8 DSSC25/2017/TAR/846/0077260 Bitrus Peace Waatsi ICT
9 DSSC25/2017/TAR/182/0014430 Christopher Ambi Ayuba Human Resource Management
10 DSSC25/2017/TAR/961/0087949 Daniel Sunday Katso ICT
11 DSSC25/2017/TAR/495/0045985 Garba Surajo ICT
12 DSSC25/2017/TAR/223/0018889 Haladu Kasimu Garba ICT
13 DSSC25/2017/TAR/55/0004405 Ibrahim Aminu Asoshido Logistics
14 DSSC25/2017/TAR/490/0045791 Ibrahim Ismail Tikari ICT
15 DSSC25/2017/TAR/112/0008267 Isa Musa Logistics
16 DSSC25/2017/TAR/377/0035587 Ishaku Jesse Information
17 DSSC25/2017/TAR/465/0043192 Maihankali Munura ICT
18 DSSC25/2017/TAR/882/0080893 Mchiaga James Terkaa Engineering
19 DSSC25/2017/TAR/23/0001869 Melle Anthony Chidoku Logistics
20 DSSC25/2017/TAR/491/0045804 Nyebe Sunday Logistics
21 DSSC25/2017/TAR/49/0003861 Obella Emmanuel Christopher Engineering
22 DSSC25/2017/TAR/426/0040479 Philips Enoch Wazota Accounts and Budget
23 DSSC25/2017/TAR/725/0066287 Timothy Hyellamada ICT
1 DSSC25/2017/YOB/278/0026960 Abdulrazaq Umar Faruq ICT
2 DSSC25/2017/YOB/24/0002442 Abubakar Ahmed Muktar Engineering
3 DSSC25/2017/YOB/120/0008921 Adamu Yakubu Ali ICT
4 DSSC25/2017/YOB/184/0015528 Ahmed Ibrahim Imam
5 DSSC25/2017/YOB/565/0068993 Ahmed Hassan Yakubu Medical
6 DSSC25/2017/YOB/221/0019237 Ajejua Bello Gabakaiu Education
7 DSSC25/2017/YOB/447/0049981 Aliyu Mustapha Muhammed Accounts and Budget
8 DSSC25/2017/YOB/416/0046199 Baba Abubakar Muhammad Engineering
9 DSSC25/2017/YOB/479/0053650 Baba Gimba Zanna Accounts and Budget
10 DSSC25/2017/YOB/568/0069477 Bahkhadi Abubakar Sadiq Education
11 DSSC25/2017/YOB/80/0006916 Ciroma Habib Abu Accounts and Budget
12 DSSC25/2017/YOB/589/0071664 Hamza Abdulganiyu Medical
13 DSSC25/2017/YOB/495/0057723 Hassan Abdulkadir Dauda ICT
14 DSSC25/2017/YOB/216/0018957 Hussaini Musa Musa ICT
15 DSSC25/2017/YOB/186/0015647 Iliyasu Aliyu Accounts and Budget
16 DSSC25/2017/YOB/499/0058539 Jibrin Abdullahi Mohammad Information
17 DSSC25/2017/YOB/324/0033612 Lawan Abdulrashid Accounts and Budget
18 DSSC25/2017/YOB/245/0022811 Mailafiya Saleh Gasamu Hydrography
19 DSSC25/2017/YOB/519/0061682 Musa Yusuf Education
20 DSSC25/2017/YOB/265/0025290 Nasir Auwal Muhammad Legal Services
21 DSSC25/2017/YOB/298/0029685 Sabo Mamuda Ali Accounts and Budget
22 DSSC25/2017/YOB/427/0047311 Yerima Naada Logistics
23 DSSC25/2017/YOB/177/0014493 Yusuf Isah Adamu ICT
1 DSSC25/2017/ZAM/207/0025696 Abdulaziz Sadiq Abubakar Seaman
2 DSSC25/2017/ZAM/211/0026759 Abdullahi Abdullahi Logistics
3 DSSC25/2017/ZAM/49/0006619 Abdullahi Abubakar Mohammed Logistics
4 DSSC25/2017/ZAM/424/0061573 Abdullahi Umar Faruk Logistics
5 DSSC25/2017/ZAM/348/0048863 Abubakar Saleem Aliyu Accounts and Budget
6 DSSC25/2017/ZAM/71/0008544 Abubakar Sirajo Education
7 DSSC25/2017/ZAM/277/0038618 Ahmed Abubakar Isiaka ICT
8 DSSC25/2017/ZAM/425/0061658 Bello Auwal Muhammad ICT
9 DSSC25/2017/ZAM/63/0008283 Dahiru Babangida Accounts and Budget
10 DSSC25/2017/ZAM/322/0045524 Garba Jamilu Engineering
11 DSSC25/2017/ZAM/8/0002148 Hassan Mubarak Muhammad Accounts and Budget
12 DSSC25/2017/ZAM/407/0056420 Ibrahim Abdurrahman Suleiman Education
13 DSSC25/2017/ZAM/36/0005121 Ibrahim Abdulbasit Abbas Engineering
14 DSSC25/2017/ZAM/474/0070697 Mohammed Najib Accounts and Budget
15 DSSC25/2017/ZAM/333/0046443 Muhammad Mariam ICT
16 DSSC25/2017/ZAM/59/0008031 Musbahu Aliyu Education
17 DSSC25/2017/ZAM/492/0073337 Rufai Ahmed Medical
18 DSSC25/2017/ZAM/180/0021552 Salisu Musa Logistics
19 DSSC25/2017/ZAM/134/0015826 Sani Abubakar ICT
20 DSSC25/2017/ZAM/249/0032623 Suleman Anas Education
21 DSSC25/2017/ZAM/202/0025022 Umar Auwal Accounts and Budget
22 DSSC25/2017/ZAM/178/0021396 Umar Muhammad Medical
23 DSSC25/2017/ZAM/286/0040331 Zayyanu Shuaibu ICT

Nysc mobilization Time-Table: Batch B, Stream 2 Date and Time table

The management of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has announced date for 2017 Batch B, Nysc mobilization Time-Table

The orientation course will hold between Tuesday 16th January 2018, to Monday 5th February 2018.

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This information was contained on the recently updated NYSC Mobilization Time-Table For 2017 Batch B corps members.

Below is the full NYSC Mobilization Time-Table For 2017 Batch B corps members as posted on the NYSC official portal:

NYSC Mobilization Time-Table

  1.  Briefing/Sensitization of Final year students/prospective corps Members. 12th Oct – 10th Nov 2017                          
  2. Display of list of all approved programmes for institutions on NYSC portal for cross checking and feedback. 12th – 15th Oct. 2017                                   
  3. Collation of Prospective Corps Members’ Data by Corps Producing Institutions CPIs. 12th – 15th Oct. 2017  
  4. Submission/Uploading of Senate/Academic Board Approved Results for Full/Part-Time Graduates and Revalidation Lists by CPIs. 16th – 21st Oct. 2017                                              
  5. On-line Registration by Foreign and locally Trained Nigerian Graduates. 23rd October to 12th November 2017                
  6. Entertainment of complaints from Prospective Corps Members by the state Deployment and Relocation officers and NYSC Help Lines/Desks officers. 23rd October to 12th November 2017                                                            
  7. Forwarding of Complaints to Mobilisation Dept by State Deployment and Relocation officers. 23rd October to 12th November 2017                                     
  8. Deployment and Printing of Call-up Letters by ICT Department. 13th – 17th Nov, 2017                                                         
  9. Notification/On-line Printing of Call-up Letters/Delivery of Call-up letters to Institutions (stream I). 17th – 20th Nov, 2017                                                                  
  10. On-line Printing of Deployment Disposition by Corps Producing Institutions (CPIs). 18th – 21st Nov, 2017                                                                
  11. 2017 Batch ‘B’ Orientation Course (Stream II). 16th January to 5th February 2018